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Somnuri signs with MNRK Heavy, deliver video single

“The song ‘Coils’ is about getting stuck in loops. It’s about repeating the same mistakes and searching deep within to overcome them.”

Somnuri promo

Susan Hunt

Official press release:

Brooklyn, New York stoner/sludge trio Somnuri has united with MNRK Heavy for the release of their upcoming, third full-length today, unveiling a stand-alone video single, "Coils."


Among other hustles, hitting the pavement and providing a cannabis delivery service was one of the main catalysts in Somnuri's infant stages and a DIY ethos was adopted early on. The grind it takes to survive in New York City seeps into their music and it's hard not to hear elements of the city throughout: sludge, atmosphere, and at times brutal dissonance, layered with pounding and entrancing rhythms and low-end frequencies that make your guts rattle. Somnuri's sound weaves in and out of hauntingly infectious melodies and bludgeoning riffs and grooves that shift time and tempo often.

Comments the band of their MNRK Heavy signing,

"Somnuri is beyond stoked to be a part of the MNRK Heavy family. Joining the ranks of this roster is an absolute honor and we look forward to bringing our flavor of heavy to the mix."

In celebration of their signing, the band is pleased to reveal their new single, "Coils." The track seamlessly fuses rugged heaviness with epic and melodic instrumentals. Their groove-forward, bludgeoning riffs, and psychedelic atmosphere is in spirit with the likes of High On Fire, Mastodon, and Torche.


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