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Brymir release new single from forthcoming album

Brymir Promo

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Official press release:

Melodic death metal force Brymir are set to release their upcoming studio album and take a stand with Voices In The Sky, to be unveiled on August 26, 2022 via Napalm Records!

Today, after unleashing the official first single and album-opening title track, "Voices in the Sky", the Finnish five-piece - featuring lead guitarist Joona Björkroth (Battle Beast), frontman, writer, and producer Viktor Storm Gullichsen, drummer Patrik Fält (Feastem, ex-Afgrund), guitarist Sean Haslam and bassist Jarkko Niemiunveils - presents the second exciting new single, entitled "Herald of Aegir".


The passionate offering comes along with a visually palpable lyric video and skillfully portrays BRYMIR's multifaceted nature, combining tight guitar lines and delicate orchestration with a dark and raging melodic death metal storm fueled by Viktor Gullichsen furious vocal attack. The song´s storyline is a mythology-adorned stance against the destruction of our environment and the pollution of our oceans, a strong message transported throughout their music.

Viktor Gullichsen on the album and second single:

"Growing up in Finland, the land of a thousand lakes, I've always had a special relationship with water. I spent a big part of my childhood in the archipelago, eating what fish we caught - but today the fish are mostly gone and if we keep polluting the oceans there will soon be nothing left. This song is a reminder that we are approaching a point of no return, especially for some of the more sensitive species. The song's title refers to salmon, the finest catch of our ancestors and the greatest beast lurking in the depths of the Baltic Sea - but perhaps they won't be around for much longer… Treat our oceans with respect - or the Herald of Aegir will get you!"

You can pre-order Voices In The Sky here.

Voices In The Sky tracklist:
1. Voices in the Sky
2. Forged in War
3. Fly with Me
4. Herald of Aegir
5. Rift Between Us
6. Landfall
7. Borderland
8. Far from Home
9. Seeds of Downfall
10. All as One
11. Diabolis Interium (Bonus)

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