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Thoughtcrimes release new single and video

A nod to the chaotic sound of The Dillinger Escape Plan

Thoughtcrime promo

Thoughtcrimes (which features Ex-Dillinger Escape Plan's Billy Rymer) released a music video for their latest single, "Keyhole Romance," off their upcoming debut full-length, Altered Pasts.


According to Rymer the track is "possibly the most ambitious track we've ever made." He went on to add:

"We wanted to see how far we could push ourselves utilizing dynamics and pure chaos to cohesively create something disgusting yet beautiful. A concept that led to the treatment of the music video with the high energy performance segments contrasting with the bright colors and gracefulness of the actress."

Guitarist Brian Sullivan spoke about the new album:

"Altered Pasts was shaped by the world around us and within us at the same time. This album is both a reflection and synthesis of our cognitive, emotional, and spiritual processes, as well as a catharsis."

Altered Pasts will be available through Pure Noise Records on August 26th.

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BigDog 320 days ago


anonymous 320 days ago

Imagine being in a band that a members old band keeps being mentioned in everything they ever do.

anonymous 320 days ago

anonymous 1 hour ago Imagine being in a band that a members old band keeps being mentioned in everything they ever do. critical thinking not in the toolbox.

anonymous 320 days ago

noting members' other bands is pretty standard. it's helpful to the reader, and it sounds like you could use all the help you can get.

anonymous 320 days ago

Keyhole romance? How small is your dick?

anonymous 320 days ago

Imagine paying money to split 20% ownership of a dead website 3 ways lol

anonymous 320 days ago

f*ckin' sucks lol

anonymous 320 days ago

Good to see the owners realized they got busted for fake arguing with themselves anonymously and toned it down to only 3 comments on this post. Keep it up guys

anonymous 320 days ago

Owner here. Our users are so smart they uncovered the conspiracy of flooding our news to pad our stats on a f*cking music news website.

anonymous 320 days ago

this song is f*ckin insane !!!!

anonymous 320 days ago

I like this band, but it is a shame how hard the singer is trying to be Greg Puciato. Same hair, same clothing style, trying to sound like him. This band is clearly trying to fill the hole left by Dillinger, but be your own people.

beatthetar 320 days ago

def into this

anonymous 318 days ago

Why does this band name seem like a ripoff of a Queensryche album?

anonymous 318 days ago

This band is taking over guys like it or not you heard it here. Fantastic stuff

anonymous 194 days ago


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