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Pig Destroyer completes new album

Wednesday, July 21, 2004 9:07 PM PT

Virginia metal/grind outfit Pig Destroyer have now completed work on their next full-length, entitled "Terrifyer." The album consists of 32 minutes of music accompanied by the 37-minute audio DVD track, "Natasha." Here is the final track listing:

Pretty in Casts
Boy Constrictor
Scarlet Hourglass
Lost Cause
Towering Flesh
Song of Filth
Torture Ballad
Restraining Order Blues
Carrion Fairy
Downpour Girl
Soft Assassin
Dead Carnations
Crippled Horses
The Gentleman
Crawl of Time

Here's a comment from vocalist J.R. Hayes regarding the new release:

"After two-and-a-half years of work on 'Terrifyer,' we're extremely pleased with the end result. Terrifyer fully represents Pig Destroyer in 2004 and we can't wait to play our new material live for PxDx fans. See you on the road."

Look for the album to hit stores on October 12th in the US and October 25th in Europe through Relapse Records.

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