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Thoughtcrimes (The Dillinger Escape Plan) premiere new song and video

Long Island, New York's Thoughtcrimes, featuring The Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Billy Rymer, have released a new single and music video. Titled "Panopticon," the track will appear on the group's forthcoming, debut album.

The song's Tom Flynn-directed video can be viewed below.


"Initially, we set out to release an additional EP until we built a studio and committed to writing a full-length album," explains Rymer. "This was the first body of work completed during those sessions."

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evil_hero 6/1/2022 9:39:42 AM

they should be prosecuted for soundcrimes just based on the pain theyre inflicting on peoples ears

anonymous 6/1/2022 10:01:51 AM

Ahh yes, the least important member of DEP's history.

anonymous 6/1/2022 10:16:10 AM

second half no good

anonymous 6/1/2022 10:19:26 AM


anonymous 6/1/2022 10:25:54 AM

f*ck yes! This rips

anonymous 6/1/2022 10:46:11 AM

Kamala Harris is stoked.

anonymous 6/1/2022 10:47:12 AM

This sucks, but is way better than what Grig Purckitteio has put out.

anonymous 6/1/2022 11:00:26 AM

This guy has the drumming ability of Helen Keller with the looks of Anne Sullivan. An unfortunate combination.

anonymous 6/1/2022 11:15:31 AM

This band is constantly churning out bangers. They could take DEP's place moving forward if they can get some good marketing in place.

carveyournamein 6/1/2022 12:17:28 PM

Sounds like The Dillinger Escape Plan should have been.

anonymous 6/1/2022 1:50:41 PM

The drummer, now that's funny

unvisitedgrave 6/1/2022 2:06:50 PM

Dog shit.

anonymous 6/1/2022 2:30:31 PM

"Sounds like The Dillinger Escape Plan should have been." It is a complete knock-off of what DEP was. It is good, I enjoy it, but not pretending they aren't just trying to be DEP.

anonymous 6/1/2022 7:31:46 PM

This song rips. The video is nuts.

anonymous 6/2/2022 5:08:02 AM

This ripped so hard for the first 90 seconds. Then it sucked. -_-

anonymous 6/2/2022 6:11:38 AM

Retards all up in this thread. Band is sick.

anonymous 320 days ago

Dude is trying to sound like Greg Poochyotto so bad it's cringey

anonymous 310 days ago

this song is fire

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