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iMatter Festival 2022 announced

iMatter Festival 2022 has been announced and will take place on Saturday, July 30 at Chemung County Fairgrounds in Horseheads, New York. The following artists are scheduled to appear:

The Devil Wears Prada
Anthony Green
Eighteen Visions
Attack Attack!
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
I Set My Friends On Fire
Concrete Castles
Carly Cosgrove
Kingdom Collapse
Fury In Few
Deal With God

The iMatter Foundation's mission is "to eradicate death due to suicide and substance abuse by transforming our culture to one of unearthed value, unveiled purpose, and defiant hope."

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anonymous 5/20/2022 1:26:00 PM

Unlike any of the bands on this bill, iMatter.

evil_hero 5/20/2022 1:26:36 PM

i will prevent my own suicide by not attending this fest

anonymous 5/20/2022 1:29:19 PM

Does this coincide with MeToo Festival? I already got tickets to that so i want to make sure there's no overlap.

anonymous 5/20/2022 1:36:12 PM

You don't matter, groomers. End it.

anonymous 5/20/2022 1:37:10 PM

Nothing says "anti-suicide" like a bill made up of band names like Wristmeetrazor, Hopesfall, I Set My Friends on Fire, and Deal With God, Chamber, and Prison.

VodkaVeins 5/20/2022 1:41:35 PM

This is satire, right?

anonymous 5/20/2022 1:49:23 PM

Unless it's just Eighteen Visions and Hopesfall playing that night, I'm going to commit suicide by abusing substances. Your call, "iMatter Foundation"

anonymous 5/20/2022 1:55:03 PM

Eradicate death? With bands like wristmeetsrazor and I set my friends on fire. That has to be a joke

anonymous 5/20/2022 2:07:14 PM

Anthony Soprano > Anthony Green

anonymous 5/20/2022 2:16:59 PM

Anthony Soprano > Anthony Jeselnik > Anthony Green

anonymous 5/20/2022 2:39:14 PM

Those retards evil_hero and VodkaVeins are stoked cause they like to pretend they are important

anonymous 5/20/2022 3:09:04 PM

Scene bands from 2006: "There's no point to living anymore." Scene bands from 2022: "There's always hope." Talk about sticking to your guns lmao

anonymous 5/20/2022 3:09:44 PM


anonymous 5/20/2022 3:46:54 PM

iFellate fest

anonymous 5/20/2022 4:00:33 PM

The "culture" is already "one of unearthed value, unveiled purpose, and defiant hope", in other words a culture of nonsensical combination of fancy words. Meaningless.

anonymous 5/20/2022 4:10:06 PM

I'll be front row because I'm f*cking gay.

anonymous 5/20/2022 4:17:40 PM

Alex Ticco here, Reddit hardcore matters

anonymous 5/20/2022 5:12:36 PM

Deal With God: Getting shows because we're breathing m, Syracuse hardcore is dead & we play for free since 2021.

anonymous 5/20/2022 6:26:02 PM

I met a guy from 18 visions, he was bragging about it at a Head Automatica show and he's already dead.

anonymous 5/20/2022 9:11:10 PM

evil hero will be attending this with a fist full of pre-rolled mids, interacting with fellow midge's

anonymous 5/21/2022 9:15:10 AM

Deal With God: Getting shows because we're breathing, Syracuse hardcore is dead & we play for free since 2021. >>> Spot on these guys are dicks too. Imagine playing second on this. At least they're playing for free because it's a benefit but if it wasn't a benefit they'd still play for free. That's how they get shows besides breathing & being like one of three bands from Syracuse.

anonymous 5/21/2022 10:33:25 AM

yeah, booking wristmeetrazor on a suicide prevention benefit show is some seriously tone deaf shit

anonymous 5/21/2022 10:44:13 AM


anonymous 5/21/2022 11:44:55 AM

The right should all top themselves.

anonymous 5/21/2022 12:22:13 PM

This presented by that iCarly show???

anonymous 5/21/2022 2:14:38 PM

Republican voters are actual retards.

anonymous 5/21/2022 3:43:36 PM

yeah, booking wristmeetrazor on a suicide prevention benefit show is some seriously tone deaf shit >>> I know right?

anonymous 5/21/2022 6:26:54 PM

^^ LOL

anonymous 5/21/2022 8:04:00 PM

Sucks you retards can't have fun.

anonymous 5/21/2022 10:44:54 PM

This is actually the dumbest thing I've seen here in 15 years of lurking. Are we being trolled right now seriously

anonymous 5/22/2022 11:04:51 AM

Yo Dylan Wainwright from Deal With God fu ck you for talking sh it on NYC. Let's compare my city to yours: NYC: NYC Syracuse: Syracuse Nuff said. Your ONE band of note Earth Crisis sold out to be the next Papa Roach then broke up after they flopped. Your city sucks so bad even THEY won't play it anymore. Your dingy, dismal, unwalkable, unbikeable city has a higher murder & crime rate than NYC. Take away Syracuse University, their basketball team, the Mets AAA team & ballpark they play in & you're an would be an insult to liken another upstate New York town/city to your city time left behind. No one willingly wants to move to Syracuse...or Rochester...or Buffalo.

anonymous 5/22/2022 12:48:03 PM

nobody wants to live in the state on new york

carveyournamein 5/22/2022 4:48:11 PM

Get dead.

anonymous 5/22/2022 6:53:36 PM

nobody wants to live in the state on new york>> NYC had a net gain of 600K people since the pandemic began & Buffalo gained so many people from the last U.S. Census it reached then surpassed 300K people, as shole.

anonymous 5/22/2022 6:56:02 PM

Only bottomfeeding mouthbreathing scum move to Florida & Texas.

anonymous 5/22/2022 8:27:38 PM

All You guys so sound like a bunch of bitches!!!

anonymous 5/23/2022 5:52:12 AM

NYC Guy here. I love making weird ass scenarios in my head.

anonymous 5/23/2022 7:40:47 AM

Talk about places nobody wants to live….Horseheads, NY

anonymous 5/23/2022 8:38:11 AM

LOL at Attack Attack

anonymous 5/23/2022 11:03:28 AM

is this gonna have puppies and counseling booths instead of merch tables and shnacks? bunch of wimps

anonymous 5/23/2022 1:32:57 PM

So much trash talk going on, you're all pathetic. Get a grip.

anonymous 5/24/2022 7:33:34 AM

Dunking on upstate lol talk about privilege growing up next to one of the world's biggest cities especially for music. You literally have your city already made and NYC will always be a thing in this capitalist society. But we should all just live exactly where you are right? which is a 50/50 shot a gated community or a podunk town no one wants to gig at for fear of being jabbed by a needle. And did Deal With God piss in your cereal or something why are they pricks lol

anonymous 5/24/2022 9:57:13 AM

piss in a suit then I dont give a f*ck fu ck my asz

anonymous 7/31/2022 8:54:48 AM

How in the world did you people know about this shit? Their ig went completely dead for 2 years wtf

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