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Spiritbox join Illenium for new single 'Shivering'

Spiritbox and Illenium

Official press release:

Today, Grammy Award-nominated artist Illenium returns with "Shivering," a roaring new single featuring Canadian heavy metal band Spiritbox.

Heartbreak gets a heavy metal bass twist on "Shivering," a floor-filler that the multiplatinum cross-genre phenomenon previewed during his blistering set at Ultra Music Festival in March. Over Illenium's production – a storm of aggressive drums, wailing guitars, and engulfing drops – Spiritbox vocalist Courtney LaPlante sings with raging sorrow to a former flame: "All this time I burned alive till you found someone else / So everytime you think of me, can you feel me shivering?"

On collaborating with Spiritbox, Illenium shared, "Spiritbox has been one of my favorite bands for a minute and being able to work with them has been a dream. They're incredibly talented and Courtney has a voice unlike anyone. Definitely one of my favorite songs I've been a part of."

"Watching Illenium work and create on the spot was such an amazing thing to witness and be a part of," Spiritbox's Courtney LaPlante and Mike Stringer shared. "It was an honor working with him, and we appreciate his willingness to push boundaries, and use his influence to bring metal to the masses."

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anonymous 5/13/2022 7:26:54 AM

I don't get the appeal of Spiritbox.

anonymous 5/13/2022 7:41:28 AM

Rick Douchette can't wait to to make fun of this band cause there is a woman in it. He can't wait to say "they/them core". He cant wait to equate the bands popularity to sex appeal. He can't wait to shit talk vaccines and say words like "Alpha, Beta, Vaxpass, Florida, Groomer, Fat". He also can't wait to spread his stupid opinions on politics

rick_tocchet 5/13/2022 8:13:59 AM

Listen here you anon, soyboi, bird chested, weakling. No CL1T in the PIT!! That means you too cause your hamster dick has shrivled up to the size of a female bodybuilders cl*toris.

anonymous 5/13/2022 8:35:04 AM

Listen Here ArbysMan, I AM THE cl*t COMMANDER. NO ONE RULES THE cl*t LIKE I DO. Also, you're working class- not the capitalist elite that you so joyfully spread your asshole too. You're getting f*cked by the hamster dick of the military industrial complex, the 1%, trickle down economics, (ironically while screaming the words 'George Soros' 'Hunters laptop' and 'Hilarys emails') and you choose to ignore it, which means the only remedy to save you and America is to exhume Reagans remains, liquify them with a NINJA Bullet Blender bought at a rural Walmart, and drink Ronaldos gelatinous, viscous liquid of patriotism and conservatism while reading Adam Smiths writings on economics.

anonymous 5/13/2022 9:41:13 AM

Another day of working with the biggest artist in the world, getting unlimited label support before you ever played a show, and walking on to every music festival and tour. It really is tough to be a woman in the metal world.

anonymous 5/13/2022 10:48:58 AM

Spirit box has some good songs and she had a lot of networking opportunities in that other band but yeah basically simping is what happened.. the band is marginally better than average. Should be on tour with the pretty reckless or something as mundane as their own music. Anything illenium touches is automatic RIAA gold tho

rick_tocchet 5/13/2022 10:53:26 AM

Paramore did it better.

anonymous 5/13/2022 11:18:03 AM

Spiritworld is better

NorthFromHere 5/13/2022 11:40:50 AM

Courtney is a better singer than her husband is a guitarist, but I don't understand why she features on everything now.

anonymous 5/13/2022 11:43:39 AM

This song is ass. Anybody can open up a serum preset and drag the lfo to the volume knob of the oscillator then automate it between eighth and quarter notes to mimic a generic shitty metal core breakdown.

anonymous 5/13/2022 12:04:08 PM

^know nothing.

anonymous 5/13/2022 12:42:11 PM

Courtney LaIndustryPlant

anonymous 5/13/2022 4:41:35 PM

Know nothing? K bro. I'm an edm artist myself. Trust me it is as talentless and easy as three haters think it is. As simple as download a f*ckin template. Edm is talentless. Yes I make six figures downloading sample packs and pressing play for woke white losers

anonymous 5/14/2022 1:17:54 AM

^lol why do jiffylube employees come on here to lie

anonymous 5/14/2022 3:29:56 PM

Yeah I bet you make six figures you tiny little autist.

anonymous 5/14/2022 9:12:16 PM

Six figures is nothing dude. You could make 100k by the end of the year if you weren't a whining bitch

turnstile 5/18/2022 9:55:48 PM

Courtney LaPlante my future ex-wife

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