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Polyphia share new track and video 'Playing God'

Official press release:

Genre-bending instrumental band Polyphia are back with "Playing God," their first song since 2019.

The track was produced by guitarists Tim Henson and Scott LePage, alongside Judge (Migos & Marshmello, blackbear, Young Thug), and features additional production by the band's longtime collaborator Y2K (Doja Cat, Remi Wolf, Tove Lo), and Johan Lenox (Kanye, Finneas).

Co-written with Wes Hauch (Alluvial), the instrumental track features a complex arrangement of nuevo flamenco guitars, bossa nova flair, and trap-influenced rhythms, and sees the band's guitar virtuosos using nylon string guitars for the first time.

Check out "Playing God" now:


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anonymous 49 days ago

I've heard better elevator music. Enough with the stupid taps, harmonics, and "trap" bullshit.

anonymous 49 days ago

pro lifers are not stoked

anonymous 49 days ago

They seriously needed a co-writer to rip off Para Mexer? And they're still coasting on that rich douche bag persona.. "tHe mOsT HaTeD".

anonymous 49 days ago

Jeeesus, how many people does it take to "produce" an extremely underwhelming continuation of the exact same garbage they've been shitting out since 2015?

anonymous 49 days ago

It looks like the guy with the long hair and beard cloned himself.

anonymous 49 days ago

Bargain bin Tim Lambesis looking mother phucker on the far right of the band pic.

anonymous 49 days ago

Can't figure out the demographic for this.

anonymous 48 days ago

Fat girls and guys with terrible tattoos are stoked

anonymous 48 days ago

this is the music virgins listen too

floorpuncher 48 days ago

what the f*ck

anonymous 48 days ago

This is actually terrible and pretentious. Kids will pretend to like it to seem cool.

anonymous 48 days ago

*Gender-bending instrumental band Polyphia

anonymous 48 days ago

that's not Judge.

anonymous 45 days ago

He def spends hours a day making his hair look that stupid

turnstile 40 days ago


anonymous 22 days ago

lol wtf is with these comments.. buncha boomers, sorry u can't enjoy innovative shit

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