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Woman gives birth during Metallica concert over weekend

Four men and a baby.

A Brazilian woman named Joice Figueiró gave birth during a Metallica concert on Saturday night (May 7) in Curitiba, Brazil.

Roughly 39 weeks pregnant, Figueiró's water broke during Metallica's set and since there wasn't enough time for her to be transported to a hospital, baby boy Luan was delivered at the event's medical clinic, purportedly while "Enter Sandman" was being performed.

Figueiró shared the following via Instagram (see below): "When would I imagine that I would be at the Metallica show at 39 weeks pregnant and this boy decides to be born right there, three songs before the show ends, at Couto Pereira to the sound of Enter Sandman? At every show I go to something has to happen, but this time I think I've outdone myself haha. Luan Figueiró came into the world on 05/07/2022 at 23:15 shaking all metal structures haha."

Figueiró says she purchased the concert ticket three years ago, adding, "Everyone who saw me in the line with that 39 weeks belly said that he would be born in the show. And that's what happened!"

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