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Stick To Your Guns, SeeYouSpaceCowboy shows

Stick To Your Guns and SeeYouSpaceCowboy have announced a trio of shows late this month leading up to the former's appearance at the 2022 So What?! Music Festival. Here are the dates:

5/26 San Antonio, TX @ Paper Tiger
5/27 Dallas, TX @ Cheapsteaks
5/28 Oklahoma City, OK @ 89th Street
5/29 Arlington, TX @ So What?! Music Festival (STYG only)

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rick_tocchet 5/5/2022 6:41:32 PM


anonymous 5/5/2022 6:45:19 PM

Virtue-signaling leftist douchebags are too scared to come to Austin. f*ck off.

anonymous 5/5/2022 6:45:53 PM

Diamond upside down is a pussy

ej 5/5/2022 7:02:04 PM


anonymous 5/5/2022 7:03:18 PM

thanks for the coordinated multi-channel marketing message, blastbeat network. this is the kind of news I love for. hardcore/metal has never been stronger

anonymous 5/5/2022 7:25:04 PM


anonymous 5/5/2022 7:44:57 PM


anonymous 5/5/2022 10:38:45 PM

Lol who honestly still listens to Stick to your guns in 2022

anonymous 5/6/2022 3:17:48 AM


anonymous 5/6/2022 3:34:02 AM

^ you learned that word like a month ago

anonymous 5/6/2022 4:47:37 AM

easy skip

anonymous 5/6/2022 4:52:16 AM

Jesse Barnett is a commie nonce who wants to lick chairman Mao's asshole while getting bummed by a paki

anonymous 5/6/2022 6:26:41 AM

Antifa is stoked.

anonymous 5/6/2022 6:28:00 AM

There are the same amount of genders as there are bands on this lineup

anonymous 5/6/2022 6:55:35 AM

Leftist groomer 2022 tour

anonymous 5/6/2022 8:04:11 AM

so much herpes and body oder at these shows

anonymous 5/6/2022 8:10:07 AM

anonymous 4 minutes ago so much herpes and body oder at these shows ^^^ "body oder" SeeYouInSpellingClass

anonymous 5/6/2022 9:37:31 AM

The O key is nowhere close to the E key.

anonymous 5/6/2022 1:26:04 PM

Stick To Your Day Jobs

anonymous 5/6/2022 4:28:07 PM

Mexi mike here and I just wanted to let you know Jesse and I WILL be going to Disneyland

anonymous 5/6/2022 6:27:08 PM

I've got $500 that says both bands cry about Roe vs. Wade during these shows.

anonymous 5/7/2022 4:02:40 AM

Leftist groomer core that sounds like 2004. No thanks.

turnstile 5/18/2022 8:17:45 PM

2 of the funnest band names, Josh James should go back to Evergreen Terrace and Casey Jones should have never been a project, like remember that song title? "If James Hetfield can stay straightedge, anyone can"? Is the stupidest song titles

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