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Cradle Of Filth part ways with guitarist Richard Shaw and keyboardist Anabelle Iratni

The band has lined up replacements and will continue without interruption.

English extreme metal veterans Cradle Of Filth have announced the exit of both guitarist Richard Shaw and keyboardist Anabelle Iratni.

The group has issued the following statement:

"It is with the gravest of sadness that Cradle Of Filth announce the departure of guitarist Richard Shaw and keyboardist Anabelle Iratni from the band's ranks. Due to other commitments Richard is passing his prestigious baton to newcomer Donny Burbage, who will be fulfilling guitar duties through the forthcoming U.S. tour with Danzig, alongside Ashok and bassist Daniel Firth.

"We also say farewell to Anabelle and thank her for her awesome contribution on 'Existence is Futile', her successor being the very talented singer/keyboardist Zoe Marie Federoff. As with Rich, the band wish Anabelle continue success in all her future endeavors."

Cradle Of Filth frontman Dani Filth added:

"Unfortunately, it just is what it is. If someone feels that their tenure in the band has ended, then who am I to argue with that? We have to respect that people have personal commitments and/or sometimes find the career choice of being in a band like Cradle a tad overwhelming.

"That being said, the band are continuing as indefatigably as ever, with a slew of summer festival dates happening after the tour with Danzig in the U.S. and Canada, plus further autumn announcements to follow swiftly after. We also have another exciting announcement to share, but all in due course!

"Regardless of what befalls us, we stay Filthy!"


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rick_tocchet 101 days ago

Yeah its because Dani is a hobbit sized ego maniac.

evil_hero 101 days ago

their new keyboardist zoe can get it fo sho

anonymous 101 days ago

are they vaxed?

anonymous 101 days ago

"Meh, ya know, I just don't really feel like Jesus is a c unt anymore. we cool?"

anonymous 101 days ago

I'm imagining him in a dos equis commercial. stay filthy my friends

anonymous 101 days ago

"indefatigably" respect for the vocabulary, Filth.

anonymous 101 days ago

i thought their important member died

anonymous 101 days ago

Kicked out for being vaccinated.

anonymous 101 days ago

evil_hero 2 hours ago their new keyboardist zoe can get it fo sho Picture the WoW South Park guy saying this, because that's who it is.

anonymous 101 days ago

Paul Allender wrote the best riffs for this group.

floorpuncher 101 days ago


anonymous 101 days ago

the Halloween club is hiring lol no they are not good luck being bums

anonymous 101 days ago

Dani Filth parts ways with last shreds of dignity

anonymous 100 days ago

Cradle of Filth welcomes ninth keyboard player

turnstile 86 days ago

go wash off your paint / makeup and be normal, you are all too old

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