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Silverstein share new track 'Live Like This' feat. Nothing,Nowhere

Silverstein have teamed up with singer/rapper Nothing,Nowhere for a new single called "Live Like This." Taken from the group's imminent album, Misery Made Me (due out this Friday, May 6), the new song and its official video can be found below.


"'I don't wanna die, but I can't live like this' – the lyric says it all," frontman Shane Told says. "Living through an unimaginable time we all faced some of the darkest feelings of our lives. The uncertainty, the anxiety, it was crippling. Bringing in another voice was important for this song to show its universal meaning. Joe (nothing,nowhere.) is from a different country, a different upbringing, a different age group, but his voice resonates just as loud as mine."

"Silverstein has always been one of my favorite bands. Shane's vocals inspired me when i first started singing as a kid, so I knew I had to get on this track," adds nothing,nowhere.


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anonymous 102 days ago

Legit don't know a single person who likes this band

Xander 102 days ago

No thank you

VodkaVeins 102 days ago

This f*ckin' suuuuuucks

anonymous 102 days ago

must be big in the jewish markets

anonymous 102 days ago

Unshare pls

anonymous 101 days ago

"Honey, did you donate ALL my old v-necks to the goodwill?"

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