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Of Virtue sign with Arising Empire, share new video 'Sinner'

Official press release:

Progression — or more generally, change — is a constant in music. In order to adapt and survive, bands must grow and develop. Midwestern metal act Of Virtue understand this reality and keep growing and evolving.

The band has now signed to Arising Empire and has shared the video for "Sinner." Watch it here:

Produced by Evan McKeever (VRSTY), mixed and mastered by Dan Braunstein, known for his work for Spiritbox, Dayseeker, and Volumes, and visualized by Dana Willax and Orie McGinness (Bad Omens, Wage War, Kingdom of Giants), this track goes right for the jugular.


What began as a humble, promising metalcore act born from the blistering chill and barren fields of mid-Michigan has erupted into an internationally recognized and critically alternative artist.

From opening slots on regional tours to reaching #28 on Billboard's Current Hard Music chart, performing in over 30 countries across three continents, and accruing over 6 million streams on Spotify alone, Of Virtue's steady growth is impressive. The band combines a taste for the melodic, catchy, and ethereal with punishing breakdowns and immolating riffs. Their style is multi-faceted and fans of all heavy genres will find something they love in this music.

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