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Decapitated debut new song and video feat. Jinjer frontwoman Tatiana Shmayluk

Vogg: "We managed to unite our style of technical death metal with Tatiana's vocals."

Polish death metal group Decapitated enlisted the services of Jinjer vocalist Tatiana Shmayluk for their latest song and video, "Hello Death." The track comes from the band's upcoming album, Cancer Culture (due out May 27), and the new clip can be found below.


Guitarist Wacław "Vogg" Kiełtyka comments on the pairing: "Jinjer is one of the most interesting metal acts of the last few years. And Tatiana's vocals in the song will surprise some people. It's really unique and amazing. With this song, we have achieved something remarkable. We have combined two different musical styles in 'Hello Death'. As you all know, we love to add something interesting to our music. With 'Hello Death' we managed to unite our style of technical death metal with Tatiana's vocals, which adds an absolutely different epic dimension. Tatiana has one of the most incredible voices in the metal scene, and it was a wholly different and exciting experience to work with her on this track. Her voice filled the song with other emotions, which completed the meaning behind the lyrics. The song is about the fight between life and death, where we connected brutal, heavy riffs with feminine, lyrical vocals, which are powerful, influential, and straight to the point. This combination is a new thing in Decapitated's music, and it shows that sometimes you need to leave your comfort zone and take a risk to achieve something totally epic."


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rick_tocchet 349 days ago

No listen yet because I am at bible study. But I wish those Mom milkers were out during the headbanging parts. Hail SATAN!!!

anonymous 349 days ago

The clean vox ruin it at times (and get too much space) but the song is ok. Last track was way better though

anonymous 349 days ago

From supreme death metal stalwarts to woke p*ssies, who knew some r*pe allegations would ruin this band in more ways than one.

anonymous 349 days ago

Believe all women.

anonymous 349 days ago

Everyone hopping on the Jinjer sympathy feature train choo choo.

anonymous 349 days ago


anonymous 349 days ago

A liberal would never lie to get its way.

anonymous 349 days ago

They left her in the studio with THOSE guys?!

anonymous 349 days ago

^^^^^ Woke idiot here. Calling her "her" is a micro-aggression. #triggered

anonymous 349 days ago

God, their singer is insufferably corny. Decapitated ripped before the accident, one of the very best bands in death metal. Now, they're just terrible.

anonymous 349 days ago

I think you mean frontperson, don't gender her f*cking pigg

anonymous 349 days ago

What else can you expect from a band that titles their albums after right-wing catch phrases?

anonymous 349 days ago

The only reason this garbage video gets any views is because people want to see the girl.

anonymous 349 days ago

Rapists Stand With Ukraine.

anonymous 349 days ago

As soon as they got some dreadlocked cracker in I knew this band would nosedive

anonymous 349 days ago

this is awful. band should have stopped years ago

anonymous 349 days ago

Wonder if they ganged Tati before recording this?

dog_boner 349 days ago

Wake me up inside

anonymous 349 days ago

Tatiana sounds like a Russian name. I think I have to boycott this in solidarity with Ukraine #getvaxed #blm

anonymous 348 days ago

Gets falsely accused of r*pe Doubles down on left wing stupidity Amazing.

anonymous 347 days ago

This is sick

anonymous 346 days ago

Wow. How the mighty have fallen. Should have called it quits after Vitek's passing. Great drummer and the dynamic between him and his brother Vogg was very strong. Nevertheless, Carnival is Forever had some decent tracks. Everything after that has been pretty mediocre. Shame really

anonymous 342 days ago

Tati L<3VES the Polish Sausage.

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