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Sunn O)))'s Greg Anderson to release debut album as 'The Lord'

Stream a new track featuring Attila Csihar of Mayhem.

The Lord (Greg Anderson)

Thora Anderson

Official press release:

On April 23rd, Southern Lord will release the debut full-length album from The LordForest Nocturne — first as a special LP Record Store Day release, and then on digital and further LP formats on July 29th.

Forest Nocturne sees Greg Anderson (guitarist of Sunn O))), Goatsnake and Southern Lord curator) taking cues from legendary film composers: John Carpenter and Bernard Hermann, in order to create cinematic landscapes which are heavy with tension, and offset by the injection of lethal doses of early 90s Scandinavian Death Metal - with Attila Csihar (of notorious Norwegian black metal band Mayhem and frequent Sunn O))) collaborator) lending his putrid vocals to final track "Triumph of the Oak."

For Forest Nocturne, Anderson worked with renowned producer Brad Wood. Dan Seagrave's epic and fantastical style is instantly recognizable on the album's startling artwork, something which seems to depict an ancient and unknowable force in the woodlands. Forest Nocturne is described by Anderson as "music of the night," but inspired by imagery conjured on daytime hikes, and majestic, beautiful trees, which he sees as survivors— perhaps the last known connection that we have to an ancient world, and acting as a connector between past, present and future of the human race and of our time on this planet.

Following the release of Forest Nocturne in April and July, The Lord plans to release another full length later in the year with collaborator Petra Haden (vocals, violin), who first worked with Anderson during his time in Goatsnake, as well as on the second Sunn O))) studio album, ØØ Void. Further details on this in the coming months.

Greg Anderson began making music in the mid-eighties with hardcore bands False Liberty and Brotherhood before refining his musicality during the nineties with the post-hardcore collective Engine Kid. From that point on, the musical direction started shifting, channeling his love of tone, riffs and repetitive sound, vital elements that feed into the meditative cosmos of Sunn O))), and the 'low and slow' sounds of Goatsnake, both of whom find different ways to move beyond confines and tropes of their respective sound worlds.

In August and September 2021 respectively, Greg Anderson released two singles under the name The Lord; "Needle Cast" with Robin Wattie (the unmistakably emotive vocalist of Big|Brave) and "We Who Walk In Light" with William Duvall (of Seattle rock legends Alice In Chains and hardcore-punk group Neon Christ). Unintentionally moving in a different direction from those bands within which he found his feet, Anderson was able to take on the mantle of The Lord in a new, pictorial approach to heavy music. Through this process, he found himself moved to collaborate with vocalists he admires.

Forest Nocturne track listing:

2. Church of Herrmann
3. Lefthand Lullaby I
4. Lefthand Lullaby II
5. Forest Wake
6. Deciduous
7. Old Growth
8. Triumph of the Oak

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