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Denis Stoff (Drag Me Out, ex-Asking Alexandria) addresses rumors of his death

Ukrainian vocalist Denis Shaforostov (aka Denis Stoff) — currently of Drag Me Out and formerly of Make Me Famous and Asking Alexandria — has taken to Instagram to refute rumors of his demise during the ongoing Russian invasion of his homeland.

The rumors apparently started (or culminated) with the revision of his Wikipedia page, indicating that he passed away yesterday, March 13.

Shaforostov had this to say via Instagram: "I'm still in a safe place and I'm fine today. Whoever faked my Wikipedia deserve what they deserve... Let's pray together that this war ends soon. Love ya guys."


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anonymous 157 days ago

SFLHC Jeff XVX From Bloodbather here, Keep up with my social media guys! I hope to be in the spotlight like this guy soon

anonymous 157 days ago

This war needs to end so we can focus on the Florida hardcore scene

evil_hero 157 days ago

he could have pulled some crimes or capers whilst being assumed dead

anonymous 157 days ago

Stoff flip.

ej 157 days ago

sad turn of events

anonymous 157 days ago

evil_hero 34 minutes ago he could have pulled some crimes or capers whilst being assumed dead Dude, this. Way to ruin it brah you could've made hay for awhile...

anonymous 157 days ago

they prey?

Portslob 157 days ago

Simon Belmont did it

anonymous 157 days ago

Surely Fat Pat and FSU could go over there and straighten shit out once and for all.

anonymous 157 days ago

Portslob 1 hour ago Simon Belmont did it God that guy is such a douche bag

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