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Lamb Of God ex-bandmates Chris Adler and Mark Morton insult one another on Twitter

The whole thing might be a joke. Or it might not be. Entertaining nonetheless.

It's been roughly three years since Lamb Of God parted ways with drummer Chris Adler and that's either enough time for wounds to heal, or perhaps fester.

We have no idea where their relationship currently stands, but Adler and fellow Lamb Of God co-founder Mark Morton exchanged nasty barbs on Twitter today (see below).

Said exchange started when Morton shared that he'd been blocked by another Twitter user, asking "But whyyyyyyyy?!?!?" A few hours later, Adler gave him an answer: "Maybe because you are a fucking douche."

Morton took no more than five minutes to fire back, "I usually wait until after dark to drunk message my exes."

There have been no further tweets between the two thus far; maybe they're drinking beer together and having some social media fun. Or not. You decide.

Update: Adler has since deleted his tweet.

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