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Deftones part ways with bassist Sergio Vega

Update: Watch a video statement from Sergio Vega below.


If a small quantity of circumstantial evidence is to be believed, Deftones have parted ways with bass player of twelve years, Sergio Vega.

Talk of his departure appears to have started late last month when some Deftones fans noticed that Spotify and Apple Music changed the group's official photo on their respective services. As you may have guessed, the latest photo doesn't include Vega.

Couple that development with the fact that Vega — also a longtime member of Quicksand — began selling much of his gear online in January, and some publicly started to wonder if anything was afoot. Among those seemingly looking for answers was Robert Nelson, host of the Change (In the House of Pods) podcast, who reportedly posted the following:

Robert Nelson screenshot

Not long thereafter, a response (see below) to Nelson's query attributed to Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno stated, "btw, vega didn't quit. that fool was outta pocket. he gone fh."

Chino Moreno on Sergio Vega

At this point, there is no official word on Vega's status in the Deftones, but in our experience, where there's smoke, there's generally fire. Either way, we expect to find out definitively next month when Deftones commence their U.S. tour with Gojira and Vowws.

UPDATE: Vega has now confirmed his departure, issuing the following statement via video (see below):

"Hi everybody. I hope this finds you well. I didn't wanna have to make a video about this, but after the recent band photo posted on Deftones' Spotify, I feel the need to clear the air. I'm not very good at this, so I wrote out a statement and I will read it to you now.

"To give a brief history about me and my friendship with Deftones. We met in 1995. I filled in for Chi [Cheng, late Deftones bassist] — rest in peace — in 1999 and was asked to work with the band after his tragedy in 2009. Because of the love they have for Quicksand, I was asked to bring the same approach as a songwriter and arranger to them as well. I was also told that, similarly to Frank [Delgado], I would be brought in over time to become an official member. I had worked with the band for 12 years, and at the start of every album cycle, I asked about becoming an official member, but the contract would be improved instead.

"Covid was a breaking point for a lot of people and I started to question my place in the band and the future that I wanted for my career. I really started to need something stable, because, at that point, my contract with them was canceled. One day I got a call from the guys about an internal band situation, and they asked me if I was solid and that I would have to fly out to L.A. to help work it out right away. I said, of course, I was all in, and 'we can handle my situation later. But I can't go back to my old contract.' Our respective management had a conversation to discuss a new contract and they offered me the same deal. At that point, it was clear there was no opportunity for growth for me, so I declined the offer. And then I called the guys immediately to see where the miscommunication was to resolve it but there was no response. A couple of days later, I received an email from their lawyer that their offer was withdrawn and that they wished me the best. So I left the band early last year and since then I've been focused on my band Quicksand as well as working as a producer and writer for other artists and projects. And I'm mentioning this because there was some speculation about me selling my gear and quitting music altogether."Out of respect for the people who have held tickets for this tour the past couple of years and everyone who supports the band, I felt it important to bring some clarity to the situation.

"Lots of love and thanks to Deftones' amazing fanbase for always being engaged and supportive of the band through good times and bad. I appreciate every single one of you. All my love to the fans that have become friends, the people that have supported my other projects. It brought me so much joy to see Deftones shirts at Quicksand shows and I will cherish this forever.

"Lastly, thanks so much to the 'Tones. I wish they had the chance to tell you this in person. I want you to know that I appreciate all the years we spent together, writing, performing, being taken into your worlds. I learned a lot from each one of you. When you brought me in, you created a new sense of passion for music that I will always cherish and carry with me. You truly changed my life."

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