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Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) shares first single from new album 'Mirrorcell'

Featuring Code Orange guitarist Reba Meyers.

The Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato has debuted the lead single from his sophomore solo album, Mirrorcell, which will be released on June 17 through Federal Prisoner.

Titled "Lowered," the track and its video both feature Reba Meyers of Code Orange. The Jim Louvau- and Tony Aguilera-directed video can be viewed here:

"When [Reba] came to the studio, we had, like, zero vocals for that song. I had been a little unusually stuck with that one lyrically and as far as vocal phrasings and melodies," Puciato explains. "Reba and I had such an explosion of musical and personal chemistry right away, and we ended up writing and recording all of the vocals in about six hours. It was one of the purest collaborations I've ever done, in terms of feeling, just really natural and explosive. She really blew me away overall. The combined energy was instant. That song turned into something really special because of that energy."

Puciato recorded all guitars and bass Mirrorcell, while drums were provided by Chris Hornbrook (Poison The Well, Dhani Harrison) and production was handled by Steve Evetts (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die).

Mirrorcell track listing:

01. In This Hell You Find Yourself
02. Reality Spiral
03. No More Lives to Go
04. Never Wanted That
05. Lowered
06. We
07. I, Eclipse
08. Rainbows Underground
09. All Waves to Nothing

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anonymous 2/23/2022 3:45:20 PM

"She really blew me" Figured that's how this collab came about.

anonymous 2/23/2022 3:49:25 PM

Would both of them

anonymous 2/23/2022 3:55:18 PM

Great voices even if Greg's song is a little too safe--I assume he'll take more risks on the album. And you know Jami is seething about all the comments talking about how good Reba's voice and asking why doesn't she do lead vocals for CO.

anonymous 2/23/2022 4:00:11 PM

i can see why dillinger died the day dimitri quit the band.

anonymous 2/23/2022 4:05:05 PM

In just took a big ole nasty shit and it sounded better than this song.

anonymous 2/23/2022 4:14:53 PM

Reba gives off real Gianna Michaels energy when she's trying to look brooding. Into it.

anonymous 2/23/2022 4:24:59 PM

^^^^^^ Dino here. I'd say less Gianna Michaels and more Tom Byron.

anonymous 2/23/2022 4:29:39 PM

Gianna michaels is a goddess. Reba not so much

anonymous 2/23/2022 4:33:58 PM

This sucks

anonymous 2/23/2022 4:37:22 PM

Do you mean Gianna Michaels the p0rn star? What?

anonymous 2/23/2022 4:48:09 PM


anonymous 2/23/2022 5:15:20 PM

Reba's mom's favorite sitcom was Reba.

anonymous 2/23/2022 5:31:44 PM

She really blew me" Figured that's how this collab came about. >> Serious question: Why do women suck di ck? I mean I've been blown by 37 women in my life & while it's been great for me I can't for the life of me understand how a woman could enjoy the taste of dick.

anonymous 2/23/2022 5:34:54 PM

More like Shawn Michaels

anonymous 2/23/2022 5:52:39 PM

dino here, either way, she is no Natasha Nice

anonymous 2/23/2022 6:22:09 PM

Brandon Shittpatty here, hey dino, you like them thick? I am more of a Riley Reid kinda guy but whatever floats your boat. If you are ever looking for a good time we should hit up the Library Gentleman's club in Westminster. Tuesdays are $2 Drinks and Tacos. Let's go look at some tits.

anonymous 2/23/2022 6:26:22 PM

Code Orange's MGR here. I didn't sign off on this. Reba, you have some 'splainin' to do

anonymous 2/23/2022 6:52:25 PM

The Clown Prince of Hardcore aka Jamie Morgan here, just calmed down after three hours of punching holes in my drywall until my leather jacket was so drenched in sweat that I had to take it to the cleaners. All you sheep better be aware that as soon as this dropped I texted management to have this abomination removed from existence. This awful collaboration was never approved by me and is a spit in the face of all true hardcore lifers. She is not king. I AM KING. blood emoji, knife emoji

anonymous 2/23/2022 8:11:38 PM

OH SHIT Reba McEntire and Chode Orange?!?! Gotdammuh

anonymous 2/23/2022 8:36:49 PM

^^^ The only Reba that matters!

anonymous 2/23/2022 9:43:18 PM

Being a long time Dillinger fan and of 80's music in general, I kinda loved this.

anonymous 2/23/2022 10:20:32 PM

Yeah it's actually pretty great.

anonymous 2/24/2022 10:46:38 AM

Thy album is garbage

anonymous 2/24/2022 12:01:19 PM

This song is cool. Nice to hear these two make chill, good, melodic stuff and not try so hard to write wacky shit.

anonymous 2/25/2022 10:54:37 AM

Would both of them Form an orderly queue behind me

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