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Video: Cannibal Corpse fans chant 'F*ck Chris Barnes!' during concert

During Monday's (February 21) concert at Reverb in Reading, Pennsylvania (coincidentally, where Lambgoat is headquartered), Cannibal Corpse fans serenaded the band with chants of "Fuck Chris Barnes!" prompting Cannibal Corpse vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher to laugh and proclaim, "You said it, not me."

The concertgoers' distaste for Chris Barnes, founding vocalist of Cannibal Corpse and current Six Feet Under frontman, is the result of recent comments from Barnes in which he declared, "I despise what this [death metal] genre has become."

Video footage (courtesy of Austin Long and Slam Worldwide) of the chants can be viewed below.

Cannibal Corpse is currently touring the U.S. with Whitechapel, Revocation, and Shadow Of Intent.

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