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A Skylit Drive reform with original lineup

A Skylit Drive

A Skylit Drive 2022

Five years since disbanding, California post-hardcore group A Skylit Drive have reformed with their 2006 line-up, nearly identical to their original roster. The announcement comes as the band celebrates the 15th anniversary of their debut EP, She Watched the Sky.

"A Skylit Drive's debut EP, She Watched the Sky, turns 15. As the world has undergone transformative times these last few years, so have we as individuals," said A Skylit Drive in a statement. "Perhaps more than any other time in our lives, we have had the opportunity to sit in silence with our thoughts and listen to the parts of ourselves that we may have tuned out. A resounding feeling we each experienced, was the desire to revisit the time we created She Watched the Sky. From talking about the memories to playing the EP through, our decision to come back together and reflect on such a meaningful chapter has healed us and set us toward an exciting journey of possibilities.

"We hope you will find time to listen today, if only for the half hour that comprises She Watched the Sky, and remember a moment in your life that meant something worth reliving, too. Please continue to stay connected with our personal and newly formed band social media accounts, where we will be sharing all upcoming information. See you soon."

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