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Every Time I Die members hope to carry on with new band

With the fracture between Every Time I Die vocalist Keith Buckley and his bandmates now seemingly complete, five prolific musicians are currently without an official outlet for their creativity. As such, it should come as no great surprise that Every Time I Die members not named Keith Buckley may well reconvene under the collective banner of a new musical entity.

While acknowledging that Every Time I Die cannot exist without Keith Buckley, his brother Jordan Buckley is confident that he, Andy Williams, Steve Micciche, and Clayton Holyoak should not, or perhaps cannot, stop making music together.

Active on Twitter since news broke of ETID's demise, Jordan Buckley has shared a handful of observations regarding the current landscape as he sees it. We've spliced together a few of those most salient:

"Van Halen and AC/DC are the only two bands that successfully replaced a singer. We never had any intentions of trying to be the third... There is no replacing Keith which is exactly why we never even gave it a thought. Tremendous talent. Very gifted... For over 20 years we would write music then hand it to one person. That one person no longer wants it, so I guess we'll just hand it to someone else? Maybe? Who knows. We're in no rush. But the riffs pile up. I gotta do something with em... I hope I never stop getting in a room with these 3 to write rippers... Our ability to write music together has only gotten better. I wouldn't even know how to stop."

Stay tuned.

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