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Boris share new track and video 'Beyond Good and Evil'

Official press release:

Today the hugely influential Japanese heavy rock band Boris share a second single from their forthcoming album W, which will be released on January 21st through Sacred Bones Records.


"Beyond Good and Evil" captures the intuitive use of dynamics and contrast that Boris are famed for, building from delicate beginnings to a vast crescendo, taking inspiration from the devastating past of Wata's hometown, Hiroshima. Speaking on the track, the band comment: "There is a vast magnitude in a huge mushroom cloud and in decaying ruins. We feel both the sadness and beauty of these things at the same time; that is who we are. This video was made from the perspective of a mushroom cloud. The album W focuses on Wata's vocals - and she is from Hiroshima."

Watch "Beyond Good and Evil" on YouTube:


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anonymous 165 days ago

From their new album, Resident Evil.

anonymous 165 days ago

This band has released so much mediocre music over the years: 5 albums since 2019? Give it a rest.

anonymous 165 days ago

Boris from Goldeneye > these dweebs

anonymous 165 days ago


anonymous 165 days ago

Nancy Hornburg here. Open up that comment section. Lambgoat is on my side.

anonymous 165 days ago

Thought the guy above was joking about 5 albums since 2019…yikes. There is nobody on the planet who cares enough to hear that much 'Boris'. Honestly embarrassing.

anonymous 165 days ago

Sneaky f*ckin Russian

anonymous 165 days ago

PS2 is stoked

anonymous 165 days ago

Sounds like any white, Biden voting college freshman that wasted $65k in tuition at Kendall College of Art and design who made a short film, before dropping out and wanting the working class to pay for their college debt while their mom makes them dinner every night in their East Grand Rapids home.

anonymous 165 days ago

Comments janitor working overtime today, got offended by a comment about art school so I had to edit the joke and repost. lambgoat getting worse than reddit.

anonymous 164 days ago

^welcome to the New Lambgoat

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