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He Is Legend frontman Schuylar Croom battling unknown illness for past year

In conjunction with cancelling their appearance at ShipRocked 2022 just a week before its launch, He Is Legend and vocalist Schuylar Croom have revealed that he's been "sick for an entire year" with an undiagnosed condition.

Speaking via Twitter, Croom shared the following information:

"I'm working on a video statement about our cancellations that I'll post tomorrow. I've been sick for an entire year and this emergency surgery that I had just before Christmas did not fix the problem. I have had two episodes since so 'it's back to the drawing board', Which was not what I wanted to hear from my doctors. I'm working with a team and this seems to be related to my life long struggle with diabetes. I will be doing more tests now. It's an ebb and flow that is maddening and I am so thankful for my friends and loved ones compassion.

"I'm gutted to not be going on ShipRocked, it feels like having to miss out a family reunion. Thank you guys for understanding. You know how much I love ATL and Texas is our second home, so we're gonna make those up real nice. Just let me get stronger. Right now I am a shell.

"This year has been a time of growth and discovery. I've been my best and worst self. I feel positive right now. One step closer. Thank you for the vibes and love and support. Praise to the Most High. I'm healed."

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