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Cult Of Luna stream new track 'Into The Night'

Swedish post-metal veterans Cult Of Luna have released new single "Into the Night," taken from their forthcoming album, The Long Road North. The song can be heard below.

Guitarist and vocalist Fredrik Kihlberg explains, "'Into the Night' is about the search for something or someone that's been lost. It's about being in the state between conscious and unconscious, awake and dreaming. Seeing, hearing and experiencing things and not knowing if it's real or imagination."


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anonymous 265 days ago

Most of us feel the difference between real and imagination by four years old, but thanks bro....

anonymous 265 days ago

These guys good?

evil_hero 265 days ago

roads and nights and long shit. these guys always use the same boring themes

anonymous 265 days ago

Cult of Poona is more like it.

anonymous 265 days ago

My dogs name is Luna. I'd join a cult for her cause she's a good girl.

anonymous 265 days ago

No julie christmas no care

anonymous 265 days ago

Is that Lloyds daughter?

anonymous 265 days ago

Sunny Singh here #cancelvimeo I'm the only jackass who still uses their streaming platform with all my videos of shitty SJW hipster fake core bands so they want to charge me more for using half their companies bandwitch. Cancel them now. They are racist against me because of my name and that I look, act and sound like a dickbag.

anonymous 265 days ago

No julie christmas no care ^^^^^^ Dude nails it, best thing they ever did

unvisitedgrave 265 days ago

More like, "into the trash" AMIRITE?

anonymous 264 days ago

lol at the hate5six comment. f*ck that guy

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