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Boris release cover of Wham! hit 'Last Christmas'

Boris have shared a two-track Christmas single entitled Noël, released via Sacred Bones and available exclusively through Bandcamp. The release includes a rework of Boris track "Pardon?" by Lauren Auder and Dviance, as well as Boris' take on the Wham! classic, "Last Christmas."

You can stream the release here:


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anonymous 247 days ago

Dudes who are into gimmicky, low-hanging fruit covers are stoked.

anonymous 247 days ago

sheetrock Serj Todd Jones lime green dingus

anonymous 247 days ago

Last Christmas, I gave you my fart But the very next day, you whiffed it away

anonymous 247 days ago

Imagine being the person who likes this

anonymous 247 days ago

the very next day you wafted it away

anonymous 247 days ago

Just say no to computercore

anonymous 246 days ago

Literally no one in the world asked for this.

anonymous 245 days ago

The moderator sucks a rusty nail

anonymous 245 days ago

Nails spend 3+ years churning out 20 mins of hot dog water 'hardcore'. Todd Jones is a meathead cuck, also Absolutego/Feedbacker>

evil_hero 245 days ago

i love you wata

Jemenez_Cricket 245 days ago


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