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Drowningman share rare track 'Needle and Thread'

Currently working on new material, Vermont rabble-rousers Drowningman have taken a break from the proceedings to dust off an old rarity, "Needle and Thread (like pulling out stitches with a fork)," previously only available via a Boston-area compilation. The song was recorded during sessions for the group's 1999 split with The Dillinger Escape Plan. You can have a listen below.

Drowningman provided Lambgoat with the following statement regarding the track:

"As we have been getting ready to record, we have been digging through the archives. More to announce in the coming weeks... let's just say that we have been closely examining our work with Steve Evetts.

"The last time we recorded with him it was for our split with Dillinger Escape Plan. The song was 'My First Restraining Order'. It was new territory for us, but would later come to play a big part in the direction of the band. We went on to re-record the song for Rock and Roll Killing Machine on Revelation Records.

"What people don't know is another song was also recorded at the same time, 'Needle and Thread'. 'Restraining Order' went on to become a staple of our set.

"On the other hand? This turbo-neurotic banger came to rest on a limited-release comp. As we prepare to show you where we are going, it's important to show you where we've been.

"A word of warning: be very careful with this song. It has been living in a basement for a long time. If this song was a person? It would be the guy with stained sweatpants in the Sam's Club parking lot that tries to talk to you while you're getting in your car. Don't make eye contact.

"Transmissions coming with increasing frequency @"

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