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Megadeth to release new studio album in spring 2022

Megadeth's forthcoming album, recently revealed to be titled The Sick, the Dying and the Dead, will arrive during the spring of 2022, according to a new interview with frontman Dave Mustaine.

Speaking with American Songwriter magazine earlier this month, Mustaine also provided more background on record's title, which refers 14th century bubonic plague pandemic, the Black Death. "It's a historical journey of how the plague started and where it went, starting with rats on ships carrying the disease, coming ashore in Sicily," said Mustaine. "'Ring Around the Rosie' was the ring on your cheek, the [rash] that would show on your cheeks from the plague."

Mustaine went on to explain that much of the music is comprised of riffs assembled over the course of many years: "A lot of the riffs have been saved over time," says Mustaine. "A brand new song can be made up of something I wrote when I was 15 or 55. If It's a good riff, I'll save it."

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