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Dormant Ordeal to release new album 'The Grand Scheme Of Things' in December

Official press release:

Polish technical death metal trio Dormant Ordeal presents their third album, The Grand Scheme Of Things, their first record for Selfmadegod Records. Announcing the record for early December release, the lead single "Poetry Doesn't Work On Whores" has been issued alongside its cover art, track listing, preorders, and more.

Originally a one-man project, Dormant Ordeal was founded by Radek Kowal in 2005. Three years and two demos later, Kowal was joined by crafted musicians and the project finally transformed into a regular band. The band's first musical output, the More To Come EP, was released in 2009, the same year they played their first live show, which has since been followed by their bold participation in many more. Dormant Ordeal's debut album It Rains, It Pours, released in 2013, received numerous positive reviews and paved the way for the band's second offering. We Had It Coming, released independently in 2016, brought the band to a wider audience that unequivocally appreciated its latest musical development.


The Grand Scheme Of Things, Dormant Ordeal's third album, deploys eight tracks of technical, dissonant, and intense death metal played with great skill and precision. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered with producer Paweł "Janos" Grabowski at JNS Studio (Antigama, Hate, Riverside, Lost Soul), and completed with cover artwork design by Piotr Czerwiński and photography by Przemysław Piegza. The end result is a must-have release for fans of Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Decapitated, Ulcerate, Hour Of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Ingurgitating Oblivion.

Guitarist/bassist Maciek Niescioruk writes, "'Poetry Doesn't Work On Whores' discloses every mood contained on the album where staggering fury meets subtle meaning. Expressive and contrasting in its form, showcases where Dormant Ordeal stands today."

Stream Dormant Ordeal's "Poetry Doesn't Work On Whores" now at this location:

Selfmadegod Records will release Dormant Ordeal's The Grand Scheme Of Things on CD and digital platforms on December 3rd.

Watch for additional audio previews to post over the weeks ahead preceding the album's release.

The Grand Scheme Of Things track listing:

1. At The Garden's Gates
2. Poetry Doesn't Work On Whores
3. Bright Constellations
4. Here Be Dragons
5. Letters To Mr. Smith
6. Let The Light In
7. Sides Of Defence
8. The Borders of Our Language Are Not The Borders of Our World

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