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Underoath to perform new album during 'cinematic concert'

Official press release:

Metal innovators, Underoath, have announced they will be performing their highly anticipated new record Voyeurist in its entirety via their Digital Ghost cinematic concert on December 3rd, in partnership with Moment House. The Digital Ghost event will continue to push further down the path the band blazed in the digital performance space last year with their groundbreaking Observatory event. The Observatory was considered a major reference point in the evolution of livestreaming with its influence apparent in digital concerts from major artists thereafter. It was praised by everyone from Revolver and Loudwire to Forbes and CNBC for the unique way it treated fans to a raw and visceral experience with the hits they longed to see played live while being robbed of concerts during the pandemic. In addition to the enjoyment it brought fans during a difficult time, it reached a level of success where the band was able to replace the tour income they would have otherwise lost in 2020 and keep a team of over 20 live music professionals employed for a month while the industry was struggling to provide jobs.

This time around, Digital Ghost offers something entirely different - a chance to be part of a communal moment built around Underoath music that nobody has ever heard before. Voyeurist is arguably the most ambitious record of the band's career, and it's only fitting that the first time fans hear it will be during this equally ambitious event. Get your tickets now for Digital Ghost through Moment House and secure your spot in witnessing a pivotal moment in Underoath history.


Quote from Tim McTague of Underoath about Digital Ghost: "When we started conceptualizing the Voyeurist event, we knew that we wanted to do something different than a traditional live stream. We have done three of them and, coming back a year after Observatory, we knew we didn't want to just repeat the cycle. One of the biggest goals was the idea of blending narrative with the visuals. Threading the needle on a live performance while adding in cinematic elements was a big part of Digital Ghost. The goal of Observatory was never to re-create a static live performance, and I think Digital Ghost is an extension of that thought. In the end, Digital Ghost is an attempt to push boundaries as a band and set a new bar for what virtual live experiences can be. With everything we do, there is a lot of risk and some lofty goals. It's pretty special to conceptualize these projects and then watch them form in real time, especially when you have a finite amount of time and resources."

Quote from Arjun Mehta, co-founder and CEO of Moment House about Digital Ghost: "We're thrilled to partner with Underoath for their Digital Ghost cinematic concert ahead of the release of their new album," said Moment House co-founder and CEO Arjun Mehta. "The band have masterfully embraced this powerful new medium and we can't wait to help bring their remarkable creative vision to life with their fans around the world."


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evil_hero 196 days ago

please don't

evil_hero 196 days ago

"metal innovators" lol

anonymous 196 days ago

I'm eating about 5,000 calories a day because I have absolutely zero serotonin left in my brain and feeding my fat body is the closest I get to ever feeling any sense of joy.

rick_tocchet 196 days ago

I guess this is an easier way to make money as opposed to touring??

anonymous 196 days ago

I thought it was Code Orange that kicked off the "cool" live streaming shit.

anonymous 196 days ago

Endless PR word vomit to say they have video wall and two guitar techs with cameras. How completely predictable and underwhelming.

anonymous 196 days ago

I'd rather go to AstroWorld.

anonymous 196 days ago

I'll second that "metal innovators" lol.

anonymous 196 days ago

rather get my head stomped in by a bunch of houston retards

anonymous 195 days ago


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