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King 810, Afterlife, Born A New tour (Europe, UK)

King 810 will tour Europe and the UK with Afterlife and Born A New. Dates are as follows:

07/05 Munchen, Germany @ Backstage
08/05 Milan, Italy @ Slaughter Club
09/05 Aarau, Switzerland @ Kiff
10/05 Paris, France @ La Maroquinerie
11/05 Aarschot, Belgium @ De Klinker Club
13/05 London, UK @ The Dome
14/05 Southampton, UK @ The Loft
15/05 Manchester, UK @ Rebellion
16/05 Glasgow, UK @ G2
17/05 Birmingham, UK @ Mama Roux
18/05 Leeds, UK @ Key Club
19/05 Bristol, UK @ The Fleece
20/05 Eindhoven, Netherlands @ Dynamo
21/05 Koln, Germany @ Gebaude 9
22/05 Hamburg, Germany @ Logo
23/05 Berlin, Germany @ Hole44
24/05 Warsaw, Poland @ Hydrozagka
25/05 Prague, Czech Republic @ Rock Cafe
26/05 Nurnberg, Germany @ Z-Bau
27/05 Karlsruhe, Germany @ Stadtmitte
28/05 Leipzig, Germany @ Conne Island

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anonymous 11/4/2021 7:18:12 PM

king 810 in europe.. yea can't wait to hear how they feel about how blunt europe is about their love for heavy music. last i checked if you suck they flat out tell you.

BigDog 11/4/2021 7:39:46 PM

f*ck yeah, flying in from Flint for this one. Hope I can get my guns through customs.

anonymous 11/4/2021 8:15:13 PM

Band will be in a jail in Munich before the first show for bringing firearms into the country.

anonymous 11/4/2021 8:30:26 PM

Seems very germanic

anonymous 11/4/2021 10:25:28 PM

I didnt know there were Juggalos in Europe

anonymous 11/4/2021 11:09:42 PM

yo fbi, can you cucks arrest this fool who took a front line field trip to an insurrection as "inspiration" for his bunk ass lead soaked meth band.

anonymous 11/5/2021 12:02:22 AM

Dave Gunn has a passport?

anonymous 11/5/2021 7:34:32 AM

will be flying in from fresno for the milan date, can't wait

evil_hero 11/5/2021 7:48:33 AM

did king 810 check in with their parole officers before they booked this tour?

evil_hero 11/5/2021 7:48:49 AM

maybe they get to remove their ankle bracelets

anonymous 11/5/2021 8:04:23 AM

even if a member somehow doesn't have a warrant out on them what makes them think they'll be able to leave the country and play shows unvaxed. Are they drinking the water?

anonymous 11/5/2021 10:53:03 AM

No way in hell they actually make it to the tour.

anonymous 11/5/2021 11:08:29 AM

I thought felons couldn't enter the uk (lambesis)

anonymous 11/6/2021 12:21:41 AM

2008 calls this a gay

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