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Orange Goblin sign with Peaceville Records

Official press release:

Orange Goblin have, over the last 25 years, more than earned the right to be considered among the greats of British heavy music, revered and respected by their legion of fans worldwide, the media and their musical peers, they are a band with the future firmly in their sights. Following the departure of bassist Martyn Millard, the Londoners have regrouped, recruiting old comrade Harry Armstrong (ex-Hangnail/Earls Of Mars/End Of Level Boss) for their new studio opus and impending live shows, and have signed a new deal with Peaceville Records.

Orange Goblin's singer Ben Ward comments: "When we first started the band back in 1995, Peaceville was a label we admired so much due to the number of amazing bands they were releasing and building careers for at the time. To join a roster that released albums by the likes of Autopsy, Darkthrone, Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Pentagram, At The Gates, Aura Noir and many more is an absolute honour and we look forward to continuing that amazing bloodline of talent, alongside the killer bands that they currently have on their books. We spoke to a few labels when our last deal ended and the enthusiasm, vision and passion for the music that Peaceville showed made this a really easy decision for all of us. We can't wait to start work on what will be the 10th Orange Goblin studio album. With a new bass player in place we are now writing new material and expect to have this released sometime in 2022. Cheers!"

Paul Groundwell, Peaceville label manager says, "As trailblazers of the UK heavy metal scene for well over two decades now, and a band which has remained consistent in their attitude and with unwavering integrity towards their art, we're delighted to now welcome Orange Goblin to the Peaceville family for more top class doom-fueled shenanigans to come."


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evil_hero 10/26/2021 5:04:26 PM

peaceville records? shit sounds kinda wack, yo

evil_hero 10/26/2021 5:04:57 PM

green goblin would have brokered for a deal on a bigger label

anonymous 10/26/2021 5:05:43 PM

No comments for the non poser news, see how that works?

anonymous 10/26/2021 10:45:02 PM

>>Harry Armstrong (ex-Hangnail/Earls Of Mars/End Of Level Boss) This is a parody, right? Is this from Spinal Tap 2 or something?

anonymous 10/26/2021 11:24:11 PM

orange goblin bad

anonymous 10/27/2021 9:12:17 AM

"peaceville records? shit sounds kinda wack, yo" Tell me you listen to garbage music without actually telling me.

anonymous 10/27/2021 10:29:46 AM

Meh. Purple Ghoul better.

anonymous 10/27/2021 10:04:10 PM


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