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Eternity's End share new single 'Hounds of Tindalos'

Mon, October 25, 2021 5:26 AM PT513 views

European technical power metal five-piece Eternity's End have issued the third single from their upcoming full-length, Embers of War (due out November 26 through Prosthetic Records). The official video for new track "Hounds of Tindalos" can be found below.

Christian Muenzner (guitars and keyboards) comments on the single: "Hounds of Tindalos is one of the catchiest songs we have written so far and also our first official music video. It contains all of the core elements of the band's sound in a compact format. This track combines the classic German and American schools of Heavy/Power Metal with some of the neoclassical elements found in our earlier work. There are several aggressive riffs, epic vocal melodies, shredding guitars and a huge anthemic chorus.


"The lyrics are inspired by the story of the same name by Frank Belknap Long about a mad scientist who experiments with psilocybin to access other dimensions. In doing so he opens a door to a world that should never have been opened and is haunted by the entities he encounters there ever since. The scientist's laboratory and interdimensional gate is reflected in the scenery of the video clip."

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