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Pupil Slicer release new video for 'Collective Unconscious'

Fri, October 15, 2021 11:57 AM PT1,138 views

Pupil Slicer have premiered a new music video for "Collective Unconscious," a track from their debut full-length, Mirrors (released earlier this year). The new clip can be viewed below.

Speaking on the premiere, Kate Davies (vocals/guitar) comments: "The song is about coming to terms with being trans and the amount of vitriol and unconscious bias in society around it, as well as my own internalised transphobia. Basically, after realising I was trans there wasn't any way to un-learn that fact, so there was only one option: going forward despite knowing how hard things could be.


"The idea of the majority of society being conditioned from birth to laugh at and dismiss everything about trans people, and there being no willingness to learn about struggles or to try to help. The way most media paints trans people is as sexual predators, just plain delusional or a threat to everyone around them. A way of coping became dissociation; disconnecting from what people say and how you feel, so that the negativity can't affect you as much, distancing yourself from your own feelings as much as you can so that you don't feel anything either way."