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Betraying The Martyrs unveil new vocalist and new single 'Black Hole'

Betraying The Martyrs

Mathilde Miossec

French metalcore outfit Betraying The Martyrs have announced the addition of vocalist Rui Martins to their line-up. Martins replaces Aaron Matts, who left the group earlier this year.

To coincide with the announcement, Betraying The Martyrs have shared a new track and video titled "Black Hole." The new music video can be viewed below.


Speaking on the addition of Martins, the band comments: "We definitely upgraded to BTM 2.0! Of course it's still BTM, but totally an upgraded version of our band! Most of us are pretty perfectionists about our own art, and we would have never allowed a downgrade! We're super stoked and excited to have people's opinion and reactions about this new track, we're well aware that changing the frontman can be a little tricky sometimes (even if bands like Northlane, Chelsea Grin, and Lorna Shore showed us that it could be very successful!) but we're very confident Rui's the perfect fit, and we hope people will welcome our new recruit with open arms and show him the support he deserves! Rui's abilities will definitely take things to a whole new level, as he has a great approach for both the heavy side and the more melodic part of our songwriting."

"Rui knows perfectly what BTM was and also is now in 2021. He helped so much to make this new version of BTM the best it can be. He has a great vision of what BTM fans expect and also where we want to go. Rui is bringing a lot of great ideas for his vocals, lyric-wise, melody-wise...and his vocal range is incredible: he can go from super heavy guttural screams to high pitched beautiful clean vocals; it's a real pleasure to be able to work with someone so talented, and we're definitely planning on using his range to the maximum of its potential to serve BTM's upcoming music!"


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anonymous 261 days ago

Thanks for unbanning me from posting comments.

Portslob 261 days ago

You think these guys are sponsored by Orange?

anonymous 261 days ago

I mean I like Kentucky too but to wear a letterman jacket of one is supreme dedication especially for a Frenchie.

anonymous 261 days ago

Really, webby? My satirical take on "Black Hole Sun" was really what crossed the line on this website? I hope you choke to death on your boyfriend's d*ck tonight.

evil_hero 261 days ago

songs called black hole because it distorts time by being so bad. 3 minutes of listening to BTM feels like it took years to get through

evil_hero 261 days ago

shits terrible (i didn't click- just predicting)

tactical_hotdog 261 days ago

Betraying The Farters

anonymous 260 days ago

PacSun Core

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