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Shallow North Dakota drummer Tony Jacome dies

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 11:36 AM PT / 2,229 views

Shallow North Dakota drummer Tony Jacome passed away earlier this month at the age of 45. He had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last winter.

Sonic Unyon, who released several records by the Canadian noise rock trio in the 1990s, had the following to say:

"Tony Jacome was known to many music fans as the thunderous engine behind local heavies Shallow North Dakota, crushing the kit and giving voice to volcanic fury. Wherever you were in the room, he left a lasting impression. The same was doubly true after the show. Those who were lucky enough to spend any time in his company knew him as a fiercely loyal, kind and loving human being, a teddy bear with an impish sense of humour that could hardly have been more of a contrast with his onstage persona. Tony was a massive part of the Sonic Unyon family and an essential part of the label's evolution. He will be sorely missed but never forgotten. Our heartfelt condolences to his wife and family, the countless musical collaborators he inspired over the decades, and to all those he loved and who loved him."

Jacome leaves behind a wife and four children.


anonymous 13 days ago


anonymous 13 days ago

Total drag.

evil_hero 13 days ago

never really heard of them but thats sad for the family. he was really young

evil_hero 13 days ago


anonymous 13 days ago

Kinda f*cked up to call the dude out for being shallow while announcing his death.

anonymous 13 days ago

I'm from Ontario and I haven't even heard of them

_d0thack_ 13 days ago

Damn. RIP.

anonymous 13 days ago

Why does evil_hero always post two consecutive comments? My last post of this was deleted… weird

anonymous 12 days ago

anonymous 20 hours ago Kinda f*cked up to call the dude out for being shallow while announcing his death. Agreed.