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As I Lay Dying issue official statement on departure of Nick Hipa

More than a year since its occurrence, As I Lay Dying have formally acknowledged the 2020 departure of guitarist Nick Hipa (vocalist Tim Lambesis did personally address Hipa's exit earlier this month). Today the band issued a collective statement in which they thanked fans for their patience in awaiting for "an official band statement" on the matter.

Said statement reads as follows:

"We've been laying low for the past 18+ months adapting back into normal home life routines as the world tries to navigate itself through the Covid pandemic. It brings us a lot of excitement seeing live events coming back with many of our peers and friends returning to their life's passion, playing shows.⁣

"Through this downtime from touring and being creatively active with AILD, we've found ourselves reflecting on which direction each of us must take individually and collectively as a band. We appreciate all the patience from our fans and close community in regards to an official band statement on the departure of Nick Hipa from AILD over a year ago.⁣"The remaining members of AILD respect Nick's decision to move on from the band and forging a new path in life. We will certainly look back fondly at the many great memories, experiences, and accomplishments we shared together over the years. We will be nothing but supportive and encouraging to all of Nick's endeavors post-AILD and we wish him the absolute best moving forward.⁣

"Thanks to our fans for understanding and we will update everyone shortly on more future plans for AILD."

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