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Insomnium share new song and video

Mon, September 20, 2021 10:03 AM PT639 views

Melodic death metal veterans Insomnium have unveiled a new track and video from their upcoming EP, Argent Moon (out September 17). The music video for new single "The Wanderer" can be viewed below.

"'The Wanderer' is the fourth and final song on our Argent Moon EP. Composition by Markus Vanhala and lyrics by yours truly. Our goal on this EP was to try a bit different kind of songs and in this sense I believe 'The Wanderer' excels. I don't think it really resembles any other song we have done before, yet it still sounds like Insomnium. The video was shot on Suomenlinna fortress island in Helsinki,” states Insomnium frontman Niilo Sevänen.


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anonymous 77 days ago

Clickbait thumbnail.

anonymous 77 days ago

Clickbait band. They look metal but when you listen it's light as f*ck, like a darker Willie Nelson.

anonymous 77 days ago

people who listen to insomnium are actually involved with girls who look like my local Circle K clerk, not like this thumbnail

anonymous 77 days ago

Sounds like opeth farting in the bathtub.

anonymous 76 days ago

Con: sounds like Raffi on h Pro: dat ass 10/10

anonymous 76 days ago

I'd drag my balls over 3,000 miles of glass just to sniff that girls fart in the thumbnail

anonymous 76 days ago

What's her @

anonymous 75 days ago

Dudes who want a return to the age of the vikings but would die within 10 seconds if that actually happened are stoked.

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