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VRSTY to release new album 'Welcome Home' in November

Fri, September 17, 2021 6:38 PM PT942 views

Official press release:

New York City-based collective VRSTY have announced that their new album Welcome Home will arrive on November 19 via Spinefarm.

Watch the video for first single "Sick" here:

"I must be cursed to repeat cycles because 'Sick,' much like 'Shameless' from our EP, was the very last song written for the release," says Joey Varela. "This song actually didn't exist until a few months after the record was pretty much done. It was also an incredibly different process writing this one. Instead of my usual approach of working with [producer] Andrew [Baylis], I also got to work with Kile Odell and Zach Williams before bringing Andrew into the mix. It's also one of the few songs that I've ever written where I'm just having fun singing about whatever random story pops into my head. Sometimes, music should just be fun. That's what I went for with this — and I'm glad I did."

Welcome Home is the band's debut full length for the label and follows last year's breakthrough Cloud City EP, which has accumulated six million streams in less than a year and yielded the head-turning singles "Shameless" and "Massive." The latter was the most-played on SiriusXM's Octane for two weeks in a row in late 2020. VRSTY have perfected their seamless and fearless cross-pollination of metallic grooves and R&B-influenced, after midnight vocal swagger on this 14-track offering. VRSTY aren't just offering their own take on a genre; they have authored a fusion style that is entirely their own.

"Welcome Home is an incredibly personal album to me," Varela shares. "I know everybody says that, and hey, maybe they're not lying when they do. I sure as hell am not. It was definitely a task, at first, trying to figure out how to phrase or sing something without getting too personal. But somewhere along the way, I threw that idea out the window and decided to say exactly what I felt. You won't find me trying to sound cool or using any fancy wordplay. It's just me in my rawest form, saying exactly what I've felt or experienced over the years, which is what has made me who I am today. I think if anybody ever wants to get to know me, this record will give you everything you need to know. No secrets. Just me."


Welcome Home track listing:

01. Finesse (feat. Notions)
02. Soul
03. Closer
04. Sick
05. Paranoid
06. Never Again
07. We, Always
08. Welcome Home
09. Love Sick
10. Hush
11. King of Pop
12. Gravity
13. Only Sad
14. 11 a.m.


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Rayromano 79 days ago

Flmng grbg

anonymous 79 days ago

This reminds me of Sick Of It All, Scratch the Surface era. Just with more oomph. And a little different, but the same feel. And it doesn't have the NYHC edge to it. It's a little different I guess. But it's really cool and I think they are nice guys. Sick Of It All are nice guys, too.

anonymous 78 days ago

Comparing this shit to sick of it all is like comparing justin bieber to napalm death. Completely wrong.

anonymous 78 days ago

I agree with anonymous

anonymous 78 days ago

Seeing as these bands are both from NYC, they do sound somewhat similar. You would't get it if you have never lived there. It's a regional thing.

anonymous 78 days ago

This sounds NOTHING like Sick of it All. What a try-hard.

anonymous 78 days ago

Dude, I'm telling you it's a NY thing. I lived there for well over half a year and I can tell you that most in the scene there would hear a similarity between these guys and Sick Of It All. It's an attitude more than a specific sound.

anonymous 78 days ago

Agree, same as Youth of Today and Shelter when you hear it you just know where it's from. Rap is the same way the moment I hear the first 3 bars I can tell they is from the Bronx or where at

anonymous 75 days ago

I don't even love sick of it all. i always got my nyhc from AF or madball or warzone or crown of thorns or rest in pieces or kraut or urban waste or no redeeming social value or side by side or nausea or cro mags or skarhead or breakdown or sheer terror or alone in a crowd or vietnom or merauder or murphys law but this band doesnt sound like sick of it all at all! wtf

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