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ex-Unlocking The Truth frontman Malxolm Brixkhouse debuts new solo track

Fri, September 17, 2021 8:34 AM PT2,240 views

Official press release:

Malxolm Brixkhouse has emerged from his past and his earlier work with childhood band, the internet sensation Unlocking The Truth, armed with a truly one-of-a-kind project.

Brixkhouse's solo project is next level and far and above that of Unlocking The Truth; incorporating hip-hop influences and a hinting at a bold and new creative direction.

As Unlocking The Truth were dissolving, Brixkhouse was plotting his musical future.

He is intent on crafting a whole new wave of music — a new era of rock and "hip-hop-metal" that merges the energy of Lil Uzi Vert and Trippie Redd with Linkin Park and Disturbed.


The ever-productive Brixkhouse seeks to create as much music as possible.

He'll be releasing more material and on a consistent basis over the next few months.

Brixkhouse looks to engage with both old and new fans as he brings to life the "Brixkhouse movement."

Check out Brixkhouse's absolutely frenetic new video for his song "Rapture" directed by Nnamdi Simon below.

"Rapture" showcases the artist's reckless and impulsive behaviors and it comes from a place of genuine pain. Brixkhouse has been able to mask his pain during his time of indulgence. He simultaneously addresses his feelings of abandonment, emptiness and loneliness in the space of the song. He knowingly ignores the risk factors that may come along with his live-fast lifestyle, but he also seems to sit so comfortably within it. Soon, the base of his foundation begins to crack. He slowly becomes more and more vulnerable as the song progresses and shifts from feeling empowered and unstoppable to extremely alone and withdrawn. It's like he's stuck in this vicious cycle that only leads to more self-destructive behaviors.


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anonymous 72 days ago

It's like someone is playing 20 songs at once and they all are Michael Bolton songs.

webmaster 72 days ago

anonymous 11 minutes ago It's like someone is playing 20 songs at once and they all are Michael Bolton songs. 😂

ej 72 days ago

"childhood band" no one calls me "former rooftop revolution member" from my days in a middleschool ska band

anonymous 72 days ago

I'm more interested in figuring out how to UNLOCK some of the secret, bonus characters in Street Fighter II Turbo! SHEESH!

anonymous 72 days ago

^^dude snes? right when the capcom logo flashes, down R up L Y B

anonymous 72 days ago

Can't wait for Elliot Gulch to release his solo track after Gulch breaks up

anonymous 72 days ago


anonymous 72 days ago

It's like someone is playing 20 songs at once and they all are Michael Bolton songs. LMAOOOO

rick_tocchet 72 days ago

Is this a joke post?

anonymous 72 days ago

Guys poo and how much money do these kids owe from their previous poo band??

anonymous 72 days ago

Blaxk people are cool

anonymous 72 days ago

I blame systemic racism for this mess.

ihateconservatives 72 days ago

I f*cking hate conservatives.

anonymous 72 days ago

What's wrong with conservatives? Don't you want to conserve the environment?

anonymous 72 days ago

this could be alright but the mix f*cking sucks

anonymous 72 days ago

I f*cking hate conservatives. ^^They hate you too.

anonymous 72 days ago

Unlocking R Truth

anonymous 72 days ago

This made me say the N word out loud.

anonymous 71 days ago

Censorship is awesome. That's why I like Lambgoat.

anonymous 71 days ago

Webf@gster posts in news comments, what a God damn loser.

anonymous 71 days ago

Malcum Shithouse

anonymous 71 days ago

That Michael Bolton comment wins it. Shit music.

anonymous 70 days ago

Lame music, generic nonsensical lyrics, nice.

anonymous 69 days ago

Blue lives don't matter.

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