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Falling In Reverse's Ronnie Radke threatens man wearing 'F*ck Ronnie Radke' shirt

Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse)

During a performance at the 2021 Blue Ridge Rock Fest last weekend, Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke reproached an audience member sporting a "Fuck Ronnie Radke" t-shirt.

Addressing the concertgoer directly, Radke said, "Where's the guy in the 'Fuck Ronnie Radke' shirt? He saw me and then he pulled it down. You do not want the fucking smoke homie, I will beat your fucking ass. This is not Twitter."

Radke went on to explain that his 8-year-old daughter was nearby on stage and called the man "disrespectful." Radke added, "You're a misled motherfucker and you're too old to be doing that shit. You should be fucking ashamed of yourself, man."

You can watch footage of Radke's entire harangue here:


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ihateconservatives 9/16/2021 1:46:37 PM


anonymous 9/16/2021 1:47:15 PM

Ronnie is a baby and his music sucks

anonymous 9/16/2021 1:49:20 PM

Whiny asshole. Imagine being this insecure.

anonymous 9/16/2021 1:51:45 PM

Lambgoat MTV Pop Punk / Hot Topic / TMZ of Bubble Gum Rock & Roll

anonymous 9/16/2021 2:13:40 PM

Not sure discussing your therapy regime is intimidating.

anonymous 9/16/2021 2:16:21 PM

Damn, was hoping it was that guy from Sworn Enemy?

simon_belmont 9/16/2021 2:57:00 PM

What exactly does he mean by "the snake?"

anonymous 9/16/2021 2:57:27 PM

Even politicians aren't this fragile when they get heckled, and that's saying something. Radke is making Trump look like a grown adult here.

anonymous 9/16/2021 2:58:46 PM

Pussy band with pussy fans.

anonymous 9/16/2021 3:05:24 PM

What a dumb f*ck. Ignore it. But you didn't so now there's this story which ends in you did nothing to the dude cuz you're all bark no bite, Really Sadke.

anonymous 9/16/2021 3:11:54 PM

Holy f*ck a biker gang? King Cringson strikes again

anonymous 9/16/2021 4:09:46 PM

Is Ronnie vaccinated?

anonymous 9/16/2021 4:41:23 PM

He didn't know it was his daughter, he assumed it was his girl friend since Radke loves f*cking children

anonymous 9/16/2021 4:49:12 PM

That dude's arrogance is gonna get him lit the f*ck up one day. I'm surprised it hasn't already.

anonymous 9/16/2021 5:08:15 PM


easyhateoven 9/16/2021 5:09:43 PM

he should fall in reverse

anonymous 9/16/2021 5:30:04 PM

maybe b/c he's a f*cking asshole , every show he on he's drinking everyone's beer and eating there wings and shit , and that's not the first time neither , in the tour van he hella worse u better believe , the shit me and my bros seen we would wear a f*ck ronnir radke shirt to , holy f*ck

anonymous 9/16/2021 5:31:09 PM

Lmao he thinks he nba youngboy or some shit. I bet he would hide if he saw the shirt wearer one on one

anonymous 9/16/2021 5:40:28 PM

Ronnie radke f*cks fan wearing daughters t shirt

anonymous 9/16/2021 5:41:45 PM

On one hand, lol, on the other how is this any different than all the faux tough guy bullshit every hardcore band in the past 10 years has put on? Except I'm fairly sure Ronnie could take every member of Gulch and Purgatory at once.

anonymous 9/16/2021 5:56:25 PM

Falling In reverse f*ck man in Ronnie Radke shirt

anonymous 9/16/2021 5:57:12 PM

f*cking In Reverse fall man in Daughtry shirt

anonymous 9/16/2021 5:58:27 PM

Can he just go back to jail? Jesus that f*ck face. Feel bad for Paige.

anonymous 9/16/2021 6:07:41 PM

Poo fingers in Ronnie radke saved his butt to save his heart and he's he's wife bester hut timlambgoatbesis POO FINGERS

anonymous 9/16/2021 6:15:19 PM

Hes not wrong though 🤷🏻

anonymous 9/16/2021 6:18:08 PM

He doesn't have no smoke.

anonymous 9/16/2021 6:18:37 PM

I'll fight him

anonymous 9/16/2021 6:58:46 PM

Cocaine is a hell of a drug

anonymous 9/16/2021 7:07:30 PM

Lol 100% was f*cked while in jail

anonymous 9/16/2021 7:26:53 PM

I think Radke and Keene both dig nugs out of butt because of the opiates

anonymous 9/16/2021 7:32:13 PM

LOL @ the titles for past Lambgoat articles about this dude. Is he a band's frontman or a repeat offender & bigmouth? 😂😂😂

anonymous 9/16/2021 8:07:50 PM

Why are there so many ppl there to see this garbage

anonymous 9/16/2021 10:24:10 PM

band is always falling in reverse. Stupid emo kids

anonymous 9/16/2021 10:34:04 PM

Lambgoat reporting the hard hitting news

anonymous 9/16/2021 11:12:15 PM

Ronnie Radke is no Elliot Gulch

anonymous 9/17/2021 1:45:47 AM

I'm not saying someone should make this a shirt and sell it online, but if they did, they could make Ronnie Radke F*ck money

anonymous 9/17/2021 2:08:59 AM

Ronnie radke is a clown, Elliot Gulch is a jacked beast, big difference

anonymous 9/17/2021 3:15:11 AM

Is this shirt on bigCartel or coldcutsmerch? If Lambgoat carried this shirt in its shop I will certainly order

anonymous 9/17/2021 3:32:10 AM

Hahaha what an idiot. It's just a shirt. And a funny one too

anonymous 9/17/2021 4:09:31 AM

He's mad because it not 2009 anymore and a grown man playing music for teens is always gonna be cringe

anonymous 9/17/2021 4:23:03 AM

never even heard of these f*ckers, he should be glad someone knows his name

anonymous 9/17/2021 6:25:18 AM

lol dude is just mad cause he tried to get a handy from the guy out by the portapotties but the dude was all "i'm not into that like Ronnie Radke is" and that just set him off didn't really matter what shirt he was wearing it was all cause of a rejected handy

anonymous 9/17/2021 6:48:06 AM

Threatens to f*ck man wearing shirt Threatens to f*ck man wearing shirt Threatens to f*ck man wearing shirt Threatens to f*ck man wearing shirt Threatens to f*ck man wearing shirt

anonymous 9/17/2021 7:44:23 AM

So this guy beat his ex, spent 2 years in jail for battery which really was murder, injured 3 throwing mike stands into the audience, and was accused of sexual assault is caught on video threatening another person...yeah f*ck Ronnie Radke

anonymous 9/17/2021 8:50:19 AM

the lack of self awareness is strong with ronald

anonymous 9/17/2021 9:33:34 AM

selling "Ronnie Radke has a micro penis" shirts for the next reaction vid who wants one

anonymous 9/17/2021 10:04:20 AM

Ronnie Toilek

anonymous 9/17/2021 12:26:45 PM

Imagine being in a screamo tween band and telling someone you're too old for that

anonymous 9/17/2021 12:47:11 PM

We really out here hating on Ronnie for eatin wings? Foh lmfao, also Ronnie would obliterate Elliot gulch, dude is jacked af. Say what you will but I doubt half of u clowns in these comments could step to him ever in a million years. All said and done lmao can't escape that fate yfm peace out Tony "fat mike" liebowitz

anonymous 9/18/2021 6:04:47 AM

Seems like the therapy is going well!

united_ninety_three 9/18/2021 8:29:11 AM

Lol this guy is such a little bitch. How embarrassing.

anonymous 9/18/2021 9:18:55 AM

I'm in court mandated therapy for shit like this, bro.

anonymous 9/18/2021 12:33:08 PM

Where can I buy one?

anonymous 9/18/2021 12:33:29 PM

It's pronounced Glenn Danzig

anonymous 9/18/2021 1:22:36 PM

Right wing cucks prop this guy up.

anonymous 9/18/2021 4:56:18 PM

If Ronnie and any of his "supporters" wishes to know WHY someone might take the time to make and wear a f*ck Ronnie Radke shirt, a simple peruse below this very article will show what a positive guy Ronnie truly is: - Ronnie Radke's accuser speaks out - Ronnie Radke sues rape accuser for defamation - Ronnie Radke responds to rape accusations - Ronnie Radke under fire for Memorial Day joke - Ronnie Radke in court for domestic violence charge If that doesn't satisfy them (you), a Google search will provide even more evidence of his outstanding citizenship and morality:

anonymous 9/19/2021 7:23:09 AM

f*ck Ronnie Radke. come beat my ass. I dare you ya pussy

anonymous 9/19/2021 7:24:07 AM

calling someone too old while playing in a band that makes music for retarded teenagers.

anonymous 9/19/2021 8:43:17 PM

This dude is a gigantic piece of shit.

anonymous 9/20/2021 5:56:51 AM

"What the hell does, you do not want the smoke homie mean?" - WWII veteran

anonymous 9/21/2021 12:05:21 PM

I find it hard to believe and even funny as hell that anyone could feel intimidated by this femme boy's "threat" to beat someone's ass. Should've taken him up on that challenge and see how far his act would go before he backs down. What a joke of a human being

anonymous 10/22/2021 10:30:48 AM

He did not go to jail over a heckler. He went to jail over having a roll in the murder of a minor. His label protectschim against every woman who has tried to speak up because he is a lucrative A$$ET. Hollywood and The Music Industry love to protect their assets. I mean assholes, thats the world.

anonymous 1/18/2022 8:28:35 AM

you people are dumb there is a little girl on stage when you do that their dad is going to react like that. Just because you do not like the person you do not pull down a shirt that says " F*** Ronnie Radke.

anonymous 1/18/2022 8:36:11 AM

He did not go to jail over a heckler. He went to jail over having a roll in the murder of a minor. His label protectschim against every woman who has tried to speak up because he is a lucrative A$$ET. Hollywood and The Music Industry love to protect their assets. I mean assholes, thats the world. I have a problem with this first of all It was not a minor and second that was in 2008 ther is no way that you can hold that against him that was over 10 years ago god.

anonymous 5/18/2022 11:15:31 AM

What a fkn hypocrite..I've had to put up with MY Daughter listening to his shite.....fkn dickhead..where can I buy me a t-shirt

anonymous 3/20/2023 3:56:26 PM

Radke talking about respect & his 8yr old daughter on stage, and he's dropping f bombs left and right. Way to go dad 🙄🙄🙄

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