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Deeds Of Flesh announce return of drummer Mike Hamilton

Wed, September 15, 2021 1:42 PM PT1,184 views

Deeds Of Flesh

Official press release:

Technical death metal pioneers Deeds Of Flesh unveil a classic line-up, with the return of long-time drummer Mike Hamilton. Mike's drumming style has been a huge staple in shaping the band's sound and laying the blueprint for the future of technical death metal.

The band comment: "We want to thank Darren Cesca for all of his hard work on our most recent release, Nucleus. That album would not sound the way it does without his stamp on it. Darren is one of the most professional and skilled death metal drummers out there today and we guarantee you'll be seeing him continue to push the envelope for the genre and drumming as a whole. We're very proud to have Darren as a part of the Deeds legacy and wish him all the best and a future of success!"

The band continue: "Although we wish we could be hitting the stage with our brother Erik Lindmark, we feel going forward it would be best to retain the classic Deeds line-up as much as possible."

Jacoby Kingston will return to bass and vocal duties as he has done during his entire tenure with Deeds. Ivan Munguia will make the move from bass over to 2nd guitar, an easy transition given his recent guitar work live and in the studio with Continuum.

Going forward, Deeds of Flesh are:

Jacoby Kingston - bass/vocals
Craig Peters - lead guitar
Ivan Munguia - guitar
Michael Hamilton - drums


Mike Hamilton commented: "I am very excited to return to my rightful home as drummer of Deeds OF Flesh. I thought the opportunity of performing live with Deeds of Flesh would never present itself after the unfortunate passing of our brother Erik. I am honored and stoked to be reunited with my incredibly talented brothers Jacoby, Craig and Ivan and look forward to performing at Hellfest 2022 as well as writing new material for future releases!"

Jacoby commented: "Though I am saddened that Erik won't be with us, I feel honored to regain bass and vocal duties and am excited to be jamming once more! 2022 is going to be an amazing year for the band and we look forward to crushing skulls once again."


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anonymous 77 days ago

these guys should tour with underoath and impending doom

anonymous 77 days ago

Guys who just got their first tattoo 5 years ago are stoked

anonymous 77 days ago

A band or a porn title?

anonymous 77 days ago

Deeds of Flesh announce return of djent.

anonymous 77 days ago

Deeds without Erik makes little sense to me but I'm excited nonetheless.

anonymous 77 days ago

Posergoat doesn't get it.

anonymous 77 days ago

lol who are these losers?

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