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Foreign Pain share new music video

Fri, September 3, 2021 2:52 PM PT1,511 views

Los Angeles-based Foreign Pain released their debut album, Death of Divinity, today. To coincide with its release, the band has issued a video for their track "South of Life." Directed by Shawn Skadburg, the new clip can be viewed below.

Vocalist Andrew Doyle comments: "This song was one of the earliest we wrote as a band, and I would argue probably the heaviest. There wasn't really a doubt in my mind that it would end up as the last song on the record even though we liked to throw it on the front end of sets when we first wrote it. 'South of Life' was written about the chaos and trauma of physical, mental, and sexual abuse, and the cyclical nature of that abuse. Witnessing the events at the center of this song is what encouraged me to get myself into therapy to address some of my own demons, something I'm a big advocate for. People fear tearing open these old wounds to let them heal the proper way, and I think that fear can turn us into people we never thought we could be."


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anonymous 89 days ago

Band rules

anonymous 89 days ago

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anonymous 89 days ago

Someone said it yesterday and they were 100% accurate: Your band really sucks when no one on Lambgoat bothers to comment.

anonymous 89 days ago

Boring Lame

anonymous 89 days ago

this album is surprisingly good. Still don't get the name.

anonymous 86 days ago

album is good, but aaron is a douche nozzle so booooooo

anonymous 85 days ago

Next generation Neurosis Good job

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