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Møl share new song and video

Mon, August 30, 2021 11:14 AM PT852 views

Danish blackgaze outfit Møl have issued a new single from their upcoming album, Diorama (out November 5 through Nuclear Blast).

The band's official video for new track "Serf" can be viewed here:


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anonymous 94 days ago

Not surprised it would be a danish band wrapping themselves in a big plastic bag to play. f*cking pussies scared to get covid but didn't your mom ever tell you to never put your head in a plastic bag? Your gonna f*cking asphyxiate yourself from fear of this years flu. Your critical thinking is f*cked. Eat a stroopwaffle and move on with your life.

anonymous 93 days ago

Blackgaze? Wow. When is this going to stop?

anonymous 93 days ago

Stroopwafels are Dutch. Do some research f*cko. Let's stick to the subject: whatever blackgaze is, this band isn't it and fortunately so. This is a nice melodeath track with some groove and post influences. The instrumentals remind me of Ghost Brigade

anonymous 93 days ago

When you think your band name is creative and edgy, but it's really just unpronouncable garbage.

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