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Black Label Society announce new album, premiere first single

Official press release:

Black Label Society announced their 11th studio album, Doom Crew Inc., out November 26 via Entertainment One (eOne). The album will be available digitally on CD and vinyl plus a deluxe edition that includes vinyl, CD longbox, cassette and more, pre-order now. Today, the band released their first single, "Set You Free" – check out the absurdly ridiculous video for the first single, here:

The 12-track album is both a tribute to the band's "first to bleed, last to leave" road crew and a salute to the legion whose support, stretching back to 1998, rivals that of the Kiss Army. The stomping, heavy, bluesy, recklessly unhinged hard-rock-metal quartet are part invading horde, and part traveling carnival – summoning caffeine-fueled cacophony on records and the stage.

The songs are odes to celebration and mourning, the soundtracks to jubilant evenings and bewildering days recorded in Zakk's home studio, the Black Vatican. On this album, Zakk trades solos and twin-guitar parts with Dario Lorina, backed by the rumble of longtime bassist John "J.D." DeServio and powerhouse drummer Jeff Fabb. "We incorporated Father Dario even more into the solos, doubling with me and being more involved in that regard," said frontman Zakk Wylde. "It really, truly is a two-guitar album, more so than ever. A twin guitar band, whether it's the Allman Brothers or Judas Priest, with harmony lines, unison lines, and trading off solos. It stemmed from the live shows, where we'd both go into the crowd and extend songs like 'Fire It Up.'"


Doom Crew Inc. track listing:

01. Set You Free
02. Destroy & Conquer
03. You Made Me Want to Live
04. Forever and a Day
05. End of Days
06. Ruins
07. Forsaken
08. Love Reign Down
09. Gospel of Lies
10. Shelter Me
11. Gather all my Sins
12. Farewell Ballad

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anonymous 8/23/2021 8:26:50 AM

They look cool but this song is way too f*cking slow, like they were on Oxys or something

ej 8/23/2021 9:01:10 AM

this is the kind of music i picture listening to if i was an alcoholic sitting at the end of a biker bar, face in my hands with a bud and shot of whiskey. my wife and i aren't divorced but are separated. the kids used to think i was cool but have grown tired of my schtick. my good friends have all moved on from this lifestyle, and the only ones i have left are the assholes starting bar fights over biker sluts. i'll have to walk home again and sleep on the couch.

anonymous 8/23/2021 12:11:23 PM

Midwest the Band

anonymous 8/23/2021 4:01:52 PM

@ej I agree and my life is not quite at that point

anonymous 8/23/2021 4:34:19 PM

This band isn't worth covid comments.

evil_hero 9/30/2021 8:35:33 AM

this shits so tired

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