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Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor tests positive for Covid-19: 'I'm very, very sick'

Slipknot (and Stone Sour) vocalist Corey Taylor has revealed that he's currently sick and has tested positive for COVID-19. Taylor says he is vaccinated.

As such, Taylor has cancelled his scheduled appearance at the Astronomican convention this weekend in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sharing the news via a video message (see below), Taylor had the following to say:

"I hope everybody's well. I wish I had better news. I woke up today and tested positive and I'm very, very sick. So I'm not going to be able to make it this weekend and I'm absolutely devastated. I'm so sorry. I hope everyone has a good time and I promise you I will absolutely try to get back there as soon as I can.


"I should be okay, it's the flu. I'm vaccinated, so I'm not worried. But I certainly wouldn't want to spread it to anyone else. So, everybody be safe out there and thank you so much. And I will see you again, I promise."


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anonymous 8/20/2021 11:43:44 AM

Positive for GRIDS

anonymous 8/20/2021 11:47:35 AM

very (sic)

anonymous 8/20/2021 11:50:59 AM

Cool. I hope we get to hear about every musician that has the flu forever and ever.

anonymous 8/20/2021 12:04:38 PM

Glad to hear that he's "very very sick" but it's nothing to worry about because he's vaccinated? And thanks Corey for having the good sense to not spread it to anyone else, cause apparently if someone is vaccinated they can still catch COVID and pass it to others. Good to know. So the message is here is to put an experimental vaccine in your body so that you may/might have less severe COVID symptoms? Thanks for the new normal CDC & FDA

anonymous 8/20/2021 12:09:33 PM

^^ sir, this is a burger king

easyhateoven 8/20/2021 12:19:34 PM


easyhateoven 8/20/2021 12:20:54 PM

if you're 555, i'm covid-19

anonymous 8/20/2021 12:23:42 PM

Nice "Vaccine", stupid.

anonymous 8/20/2021 12:27:23 PM

Like drives an Xterra sick?

anonymous 8/20/2021 12:28:37 PM

LambGoat please stop posting daily about shitty musicians testing positive for Covid. If someone dies perhaps that's noteworthy, I could care less if these people have the flu. Maybe post some real news like All Shall Perish are teasing a return!!!

easyhateoven 8/20/2021 12:30:11 PM

lol all shall perish blow

anonymous 8/20/2021 12:31:15 PM

Who cares about this anti-'mask f*ck

anonymous 8/20/2021 12:32:03 PM

This guy is my dad and his dad is my boyfriend

anonymous 8/20/2021 12:33:21 PM

No joke, you know what they are playing at the Kabul airport to keep the taliban behind the wall? Slipknot because they think its against islam with demons

anonymous 8/20/2021 12:34:35 PM

If you hate on Corey you must be a liberal shitbag because no one else would stoop that low

anonymous 8/20/2021 12:34:45 PM

Joey's revenge

anonymous 8/20/2021 12:43:41 PM

Good lord, how far we have fallen, all the hate and nastiness shown here for a fellow human, just because you don't agree with him or like his music.

anonymous 8/20/2021 12:53:42 PM

Corey is one of the best vocalists of all time. Stop the hate.

anonymous 8/20/2021 1:08:50 PM

You sure it's not the hair bleach?

anonymous 8/20/2021 1:13:48 PM

If you're reading this, can you vouch for me that this is one of the most bizarre "I have covid" videos ever? What exactly is he telling us? "Covid is the flu, but get vaccinated, but you shouldn't worry, but also I'm very very sick." Idk man. Sounds like management told him to make a video the second he wakes up so he appears more sick / out of it than he is. First two Slipk or albums were (sic) tho

anonymous 8/20/2021 1:38:29 PM

Glad we got to see cmft perform at sturgis this past week

anonymous 8/20/2021 2:02:08 PM

If you get covid while being already vaccinated just keep it to yourself. How embarassing

anonymous 8/20/2021 2:21:33 PM

vaccine doesnt do shit

anonymous 8/20/2021 2:42:40 PM

can't see california without moderna pfizers eyes

anonymous 8/20/2021 2:47:21 PM

Time to change your views on devil worship and reach out to Jesus Corey?

anonymous 8/20/2021 3:04:57 PM

You are all f*cked and vaccinated..I think I'm gonna be sick and it's your fault..

anonymous 8/20/2021 3:48:13 PM

You all have been tricked. This is obviously a deep fake, by how weird and jerky it is definitely not legitimate, Corey would never get covid and stoop to this level of bullshit

anonymous 8/20/2021 4:55:22 PM

Get well soon Corey. I will be praying for you. Keep your head up. God bless my friend

anonymous 8/20/2021 5:25:48 PM

Corey will be healed inshallah

anonymous 8/20/2021 6:12:36 PM

May Allah (PBUH) cure Corey Taylor man in the mask

anonymous 8/20/2021 6:26:56 PM

Bill Gates is so gleeful in his pink sweater he's got another one.

anonymous 8/20/2021 6:30:09 PM

nothing but cope around here, folks! We love it.

anonymous 8/20/2021 6:59:25 PM

Smile at Guile and check Charlie's style. Watch Ryu vs Ken and then arrest both of them.

anonymous 8/20/2021 7:00:35 PM

I want Corey Taylor to be in street fighter turbo II

anonymous 8/20/2021 7:04:43 PM

Trump still lost.

anonymous 8/20/2021 7:09:03 PM


0 8/20/2021 8:37:10 PM

He's exactly the type of moron probably a year ago denied the existence of covid and called it a Plandemic. Of these kinds of people I know many.

anonymous 8/20/2021 10:29:46 PM

"It's the flu." "I'm vaccinated." Sure you are, dumb ass. Enjoy that raw dog COVID.

anonymous 8/20/2021 10:43:19 PM

Well that's what happens when you inject poison into your body, Corey. You're gonna get sick. You followed that demon Fauci and now you're paying the price in your body. Hope ya get better, and if you're smart, speak out against the jab like Eric Clapton. Your ability to make a living will depend on it. Plus your unfounded Trump hate did you no favors. Take this as a wake up call. Don't touch the Lord's anointed. You won't escape unscathed.

anonymous 8/20/2021 11:43:15 PM

"It's the flu". Clearly is confused.

anonymous 8/21/2021 4:29:52 AM

Hope you get better corey. And btw people on here are fukn WEIRD. And I've grown up around crackheads so thats sayin something...smh

anonymous 8/21/2021 4:33:36 AM

Further proving ppl don't know shit and continue to put others in danger with there own stupidity. Man thinks a vaccine means he can go on tour surround himself with hundreds of ppl wearing no protection then acts shocked when he gets the bug. Sorry man your a f*ckin idiot along with the rest of the ppl who are as selfish as you

OhMyCar 8/21/2021 6:05:40 AM

it's worth it if pharma companies stock went up.

anonymous 8/21/2021 8:06:42 AM

Anti maskers are all posers who love nickel back.

anonymous 8/21/2021 8:38:12 AM

Corey is an addict. COVID ain't the first needle he's jabbed into his arm, won't be his last by a long shot. I don't even understand how you can consider a guy who screams into a mic a musician. He's not. At best he's a performer.

anonymous 8/21/2021 8:40:58 AM

I push my shit into my eyes

anonymous 8/21/2021 9:44:00 AM

Hate to see so many haters bashin the man on this article. This guy has more talent in one pinky finger than all the haters on this page. People are such classless d bag diks these days. If you aint a maggot go put your head in the toilet and make it stay there. MAGGOTS FOREVER!!!

anonymous 8/21/2021 9:55:36 AM

Yeah maggots forever! Tripp pants, eye liner! Spikey bracelets! Hot topic! Trenchcoats! Acting like I'm still literally in 7th grade! This stuff is so cool and edgy! ALL HAIL THE PINKY FINGER OF DICKNOT

anonymous 8/21/2021 10:17:33 AM

You're all a bunch of idiots. Love Corey's music, and he's an idiot too.

anonymous 8/21/2021 10:37:01 AM

Maggots are selfish pricks. I dare you to name me a maggot who went to Afghanistan to fight for his country. Maggots can't spell patriot.

anonymous 8/21/2021 10:37:59 AM

Corey has always had good vocals but he's a bitch

anonymous 8/21/2021 10:40:28 AM

^ your a bitch, shut the f*ck up Trump voter

anonymous 8/21/2021 10:55:23 AM

He's faking it because he's on a binge right now, watch

anonymous 8/21/2021 1:01:05 PM

If he took the vaccine, Covid should be the least of his worries. It is said that up to 73% of people who got the jab will either be dead of suffering from terrible auto immune and other illnesses within 3 years. Waiting for it!

anonymous 8/21/2021 1:25:45 PM

Get better

anonymous 8/21/2021 1:38:14 PM

I can't wait for the new Street Fighter with Corey Taylor as a playable character. They are saying you can play as him masked or maskless, two different modes of play. So stoked!

anonymous 8/21/2021 1:52:26 PM

If he dies that will be another Slipknot member in the same month. After that their record sales will shoot through the roof

anonymous 8/21/2021 2:23:32 PM

Get better soon f*ck all you haters

earthpart20 8/21/2021 3:26:13 PM

what's the point of the vaccine exactly lol

anonymous 8/21/2021 4:20:55 PM

if Corey dies how would you react? I want to hear the truth

anonymous 8/21/2021 5:16:46 PM


anonymous 8/21/2021 6:22:17 PM

I would worry about that collasal cold sore on that lip 😬🤣

anonymous 8/21/2021 6:26:31 PM

Dude said he woke up and tested positive, then says he's vaccinated, and then says it's just the flu. Come on man, we already know that vaccines don't work!

anonymous 8/21/2021 7:41:16 PM

Leaky vaccine making covid mutate inside his body. The vaccinated will keep passing super bugs back and forth.

anonymous 8/21/2021 8:39:13 PM

U all need to sit the f*ck down shut the f*ck up and realize what is going on in this world, PEOPLE GET SICK f*ck!

anonymous 8/22/2021 4:03:46 AM

Trench coat mafia 4 life

anonymous 8/22/2021 4:30:36 AM

I love boofing Ivermectin, it is a huge rush and when I do I dont have to worry about wearing a mask

anonymous 8/22/2021 5:13:41 AM

Joey taking corey with him to the grave hopefully

anonymous 8/22/2021 5:45:36 AM

People who used to idolize school shooters are not stoked

anonymous 8/22/2021 6:30:33 AM

^literally. The gimmick of slipknot has always catered to the troglodyte elements of metal sub culture. It's such a tired f*cking racket.

anonymous 8/22/2021 6:40:04 AM

Angry little boys, angry little man boys. Girls with daddy issues, Jocks and cheerleaders who have a bad day and only listen to "mainstream hard rock and metal when they have a bad day", people in rural areas who have pent up rage from the ills of capitalism but are uneducated and dont realize why, and every past, present, and future school shooter are not stoked, they are too lazy to access metal and hardcore that is made with intellect and purpose, so slipknot is all they have

anonymous 8/22/2021 8:05:29 AM

Get well soon Corey i am a big fan of yours

anonymous 8/22/2021 8:14:08 AM

I'm worried he will be on a ventilator, if he is on a ventilator his chances will be slim to one, and his voice will get so f*cked

anonymous 8/22/2021 8:16:30 AM

" people in rural areas who have pent up rage from the ills of capitalism but are uneducated and dont realize" Damn dude, I think you nailed it there. woke as f*ck. Write a treatise man

anonymous 8/22/2021 8:18:22 AM

You diagnosed the problem but how are you going yo implement a solution? They've been so confused and ironically sent in a spiral by big daddy Trump, how you gonna fix it?

lake_flaccid 8/22/2021 8:34:58 AM

I sat through a Stone Sour set once and it was a truly awful experience

anonymous 8/22/2021 9:22:45 AM

Corey Taylor is metal Trump is Republican

anonymous 8/22/2021 9:39:17 AM

Angry little boys, angry little man boys. Girls with daddy issues, Jocks and cheerleaders who have a bad day and only listen to "mainstream hard rock and metal when they have a bad day", people in rural areas who have pent up rage from the ills of capitalism but are uneducated and dont realize why, and every past, present, and future school shooter are not stoked, they are too lazy to access metal and hardcore that is made with intellect and purpose, so slipknot is all they have Damn, you on fire

anonymous 8/22/2021 11:03:40 AM

Trump never cared about you flyover state bumbling idiots.

anonymous 8/22/2021 11:42:30 AM

So is it COVID? Or the Flu??? Choose your own adventure ;)

anonymous 8/22/2021 12:30:54 PM

Most of y'all showing hate on this feel the same way about yourselves grow the f*ck up. Get well soon Corey.

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