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Downswing premiere new track 'Shapeshifter'

Fri, August 6, 2021 12:32 PM PT1,028 views

New York hardcore band Downswing have issued a new single titled "Shapeshifter" via Modern Empire Music. The song's official music video can be found below.


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anonymous 122 days ago

New York? Try Albany NY. Hardcore since when? This band doesn't play hardcore let alone hardcore shows.

anonymous 122 days ago

you know Albany is in New York right? it doesn't say New York City nimrod

anonymous 121 days ago

It's misleading.

anonymous 121 days ago

New York means New York city, not anywhere in New York state, dumba ss.

anonymous 121 days ago


anonymous 121 days ago

^ yaaa New York = New York, NY Downswing from ALBANY NY.

anonymous 121 days ago

tryna capitalize on the nyhc label, these nerds never played a real show in their life, f*ck off posers!

anonymous 121 days ago

Anyone in New York State knows that to claim NY you better f*cking be in NYC. These guys broke the code to try and get some extra clicks.

anonymous 121 days ago

I guess Finger Lake Hard Core didn't sound tough enough for my homies

anonymous 120 days ago

Imagine being mad about a band from NY saying they are from NY...30 year old crybaby's

anonymous 119 days ago

^ Imagine being you asshurt that this band got called out for fronting that they're from NYC and hardcore thus NYHC when they're not. They're Albany NY metal fronting NYHC and it's comical - there. Better?

anonymous 113 days ago

Anyone who's still devoting their time and energy to hXc after 2020 needs to get themselves castrated... preferably with a full lobotomy as well

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