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Madball drop off Texas tour dates

Madball will no longer play the four Texas shows they had scheduled for the remainder of this week. The gigs will still take place, but with original support act Death Before Dishonor serving as the headliner.

Madball had this to say about the situation:

"Texas - We were looking forward to this weekend! Unfortunately, we have a lot going on in our camp at the moment. We’re postponing this run until the Fall and will announce new details for rescheduled dates ASAP. You can hold on to your tickets.. we will honor them. Also, our good friends in Death Before Dishonor will be playing this weekend. Please show them your support! We appreciate your understanding.  Sorry TX... we will see you soon though!"


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easyhateoven 8/4/2021 7:33:45 PM

texas is the reason

anonymous 8/4/2021 9:16:47 PM

Texas is the reason emo kids suck.

anonymous 8/4/2021 9:49:35 PM

Party dancing I like

anonymous 8/4/2021 10:52:24 PM

Look at that shows these dorks put on a few months ago. This is either members not wanting to get vaccinated or someone in their crew coming down with COVID. Either way f*ck em

anonymous 8/5/2021 4:36:03 AM

I saw this band once. Singer was trying to look tough and tripped over a monitor.

anonymous 8/5/2021 4:47:08 AM

Oh god ^^^ To bad he didn't get shocked like Frankie

anonymous 8/5/2021 7:33:01 AM

blame the socialist infrastructure left over from mexico, f*ck socialism

anonymous 8/5/2021 8:17:50 AM

LOL @ Death Before Dishonor headlining & thinking they're a headliner. Exactly ONE new record in a dozen years & it has only eight songs. Imagine wanting to see Madball only to find out their eternal hardcore band version of a golf caddy is the new headliner. I bet one of three things happened: 1. One member or several members of the band got covid cuz none of them are vaxed cuz they're anti-vax like their boy Cuzin Joe. 2. The venues found out about their stance on covid & covid vaccines & decided between that & Texas being the dual #1 hotbed for covid with Florida (Madball's real home since the 90s) they said it's not worth the risk. The shows still happening with DBD as the headliner (again LOL) is just a coverup. 3. Some sketchy shi t cuz if it was a personal or non-covid medical matter they'd say that.

anonymous 8/5/2021 8:56:19 AM

Too bad they're not cancelling their NYC show next weekend, too, or breaking up.

anonymous 8/5/2021 9:02:01 AM

It was #3 on the last up there. Everyone in Texas stopped wearing masks and stopped listening to the government.

anonymous 8/5/2021 9:46:13 AM

Wait, their tinfoil hat didn't prevent them from getting COVID? Meatballs....

anonymous 8/5/2021 12:15:43 PM

Madball = Trump supporters Another band to never listen to again. They were always lame anyway, glad they lost half their fans, the ones with money.

anonymous 8/5/2021 2:26:45 PM

Maybe I'll go now that they aren't on the bill

anonymous 8/5/2021 2:27:37 PM

For real though. Madball has always been garbage and it's just embarrassing at this point

anonymous 8/5/2021 2:39:25 PM

If one acquires the China virus at a Madball show, would said person be Demonstrating Their Sickness?

anonymous 8/5/2021 2:39:39 PM


anonymous 8/5/2021 3:18:20 PM

Hoya's brother died. Perhaps related? Idiots. Go listen to some Turnstile

anonymous 8/5/2021 3:43:53 PM

Turnstile is infinitely better and more exciting than Sadball ever was. Even their new album which is lame is better than Madball

anonymous 8/5/2021 4:15:10 PM

Turnstile is pathetic cuckold garbage. Of course you like it. You are a cuck wearing green courderoy

anonymous 8/5/2021 4:22:22 PM


anonymous 8/5/2021 7:31:11 PM

Turnstile = nu-Gorilla Biscuits I don't think that one guy has ever heard a 311 song.

anonymous 8/6/2021 12:01:00 AM

Madball - set it off. Best album. Madball - for the cause (money). Worst album.

anonymous 8/6/2021 8:39:14 AM

Check out the Madball fan up there calling people idiots.

anonymous 8/7/2021 2:47:43 AM

Lame ass comments posted on this site from left wingers. Don't support Madball as you are showing your weak ass colors for a Socialist ring country now. We won't miss you want to be kiddie softcore punks!

anonymous 8/7/2021 11:38:30 AM

Turnstile nu-Gorilla Biscuits? That's an insult to GB. Turnstile sounds so much like 311 the 311 singer days they're his favorite band & put out a Turnstile cover & I bet Turnstile hates that this dude officially sealed the deal that tney're 311stile LMAO get over & used to it.

anonymous 8/7/2021 2:22:53 PM

Madball are original Hardcore from way the f*ck back! They started an empire throughout the World! You fools above need to stick to listening to limp DICK biscuit! Hardcore for Life

anonymous 8/8/2021 7:33:28 AM

The lack of respect for Madball for who they are, where they've been, what they've been able to accomplish, and what they stand for is sickening. The guys in Madball are boulders amoungst pebbles. It is obvious who knows their history who who are trolls. Madball always has, and continues to represent the true ethos of Hardcore. Respect to them and f*ck all of you who have lost your way on your Punk/Hardcore Path. AnthonyJKFP, Boston

anonymous 8/9/2021 7:05:49 AM

A bunch of whiney liberals. Don't listen to them then. Wear your mask and go hide under mommy's skirt. Scared little babies 😆😂 Madball is the OG NYHC. I will still roundhouse kick your face wearing that mask, so show up and get wrecked. Bunch of losers in hea.

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