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Prosthetic Records signs The Acacia Strain

We told you this last week, but now it's official - Massachusetts outfit The Acacia Strain has signed with Prosthetic Records. The group's new album, entitled "3750," was completed in March and will hit stores on July 13th. The record was recorded and produced by Adam Dutkiewicz (of Killswitch Engage notoriety) at Zing Studios and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side. According to Dutkiewicz, "it is some of the heaviest shit I have worked on yet." Click here to download two unmastered tracks from the effort, and click here to watch the band's video (which features Dutkiewicz) for "Smoke Ya Later."


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Enemy_of_God 6/3/2004 1:42:23 AM

Dont they have 3 guitarists?

hopesbleed 6/3/2004 2:19:44 AM

yea they have 3 guitarists.

ghetto_paul 6/3/2004 8:46:19 AM

they're a pretty good band, I'm interested to hear the new album

john_doe 6/3/2004 9:04:39 AM

i still can't make up my mind as to whether i like this band or not. i only saw them once at metalfest. the three guitars seem excessive for what they're doing musically.

incircles 6/3/2004 3:31:26 PM

i really like these guys

eighteyes 6/5/2004 4:32:11 PM

yeah, this band is one of my favs. i thought 3 guitars were a bit excessive too, until i saw them. they sound awesome. we've played with em about 4 times, and they are super nice kids...bonus

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