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Quicksand share new single 'Brushed'

New York City post-hardcore legends Quicksand have released the second single from their upcoming album, Distant Populations, which is due out August 13 digitally (September 24 physically).

New track "Brushed" can be streamed here:


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anonymous 305 days ago


anonymous 305 days ago

Is that adult man that got caught shop lifting still in the band? Hang it up, NERDS.

timelordtwo 305 days ago

Barebacked hard

anonymous 305 days ago

My dad says these guys are hacks

anonymous 305 days ago


anonymous 304 days ago

Radiohead and Sigur Ros wannabe Should've done it 20 years ago when it was new. 2002 wannabe.

anonymous 304 days ago


earthpart20 304 days ago

sounding less and less like quicksand... just gimme slip and manic and retire.

anonymous 304 days ago

earthpart20 why are you such an expert on quicksand? I bet you never even went to more than 3 or 4 of their shows. so who made you an expert??? on what sounds like quicksand. these guys poured out their hearts and souls on this and you did what? why don't you get off the couch you lard ass shit talker they did more than you ever will and NEVER sold out unlike YOU

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